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Research Day Spring 2024 | UAG School of Medicine
By: UAG School of Medicine
The UAG School of Medicine proudly hosted its Research Day, a culmination of groundbreaking insights, innovative discoveries, and a passionate dedication to advancing medical knowledge. On Wednesday, May 8, students and scholars gathered for a day filled with presentations and interactive discussions, all aimed at discovering the mysteries of human health and disease.
The day started with a warm welcome from Dr. Yisel Mi Guzmán-Leguel, setting the stage for an intellectually stimulating experience. Dr. Guzmán-Leguel, with her expertise and dedication, exemplified the spirit of inquiry and collaboration at the UAG School of Medicine.

The event gained momentum as Dr. Kashif Adil Ahmad and Dr. Lucía Álvarez-Palazuelos, shared their insights and perspectives as Dean and Research Department Director, respectively. Their words underscored the UAG School of Medicine's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in research and education.
After their speech, the UAG School of Medicine welcomed two special guests, the judges for Research Day. Attention turned to Featured Research I, where Dr. Gabriela García Ordoñez took the stage. With a remarkable journey spanning from Universidad del Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela, to the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Dr. García Ordoñez delved into the fascinating realm of Channelopathies and Cardiovascular Health. Her expertise enlightened and inspired attendees as they explored the intricate interplay between ion channels and cardiovascular function.

Following this captivating discourse, focus shifted to Featured Research II, presented by Dr. Francisco Josué Carrillo-Ballesteros. With a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and specialization in Immunology, Dr. Carrillo-Ballesteros embarked on a journey of discovery, unraveling the complexities of Major Depressive Disorder through Omics Approaches. His pioneering research offered hope and promise in the quest for more effective treatments and interventions for this prevalent mental health condition.
After a brief interlude for coffee and networking, the event resumed with Oral Presentations of selected abstracts. This segment provided a platform for emerging researchers to showcase their work and engage in meaningful dialogue with peers and mentors. Each presentation, ranging from innovative methodologies to groundbreaking discoveries, added depth to the collective pool of medical knowledge.

The day peaked with Poster Presentations, featuring diverse research endeavors across various disciplines and specialties. Attendees engaged into each study, participating in lively discussions and forming connections.

As the clock struck 13:30, attendees gathered one final time for the Closure and Awards Ceremony, a moment of celebration and recognition for the tireless efforts and ingenuity of the research community. From outstanding contributions to exemplary mentorship, each award embodied the spirit of excellence and collaboration that defines the UAG School of Medicine.
At the awards ceremony, the winners were announced:

Poster Presentation Winners
1st Place
B01 - Exploring the Co-Occurrence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Anxiety 

Authors: Marco Diaz, Ruben Alexis Dorador González, Vanessa Ianthe Flores Fernandez, Kimberly Franco, Krystal M. Franco Ramirez, Fernando J. Lopez Candelas 
2nd Place
B04 - Literature-Review: Climate change and its effect on patients with mental disorders taking psychiatric medications 

Authors: Esmeralda J. Blanco-R, Valeria Gonzalez-Chumacero, Brendaly Reyes-Garcia, Claudia M. Diaz-Padilla, Jaslyn C. Gutierrez, Nicole M. Del Valle-Core

3rd Place
BTeam C-03 - Nonmedical Stimulant Use Impact on College Academic Performance 

Authors: Eduardo Magaña-Quezada, Erik Lewis Parkhurst II, Adriana Ramirez, Yaidelis Lopez-Jimenez, Carla Nicole Santana-Quiñones, Valeria Isabell Matias-Aponte, Ricardo Vargas. 
Additionally, the recipient of the **1st Oral Presentation Award** was Team C-04 - GLP-1 Agonists: Connecting the Gap Between Type 2 Diabetes and Depression through Neurophysiological Insights. 

Authors: Faviola Marie Negrón-Alick, Alexandra Maria Meléndez-Ramírez, Valeria Mora-Castillo, Karla Paola Molina-Ruiz, Erick Ivan Marrero-Santiago, Natalia Maria Ortiz-Berrios, Neyshalee Nevarez-Ortiz. 

Infographic Winners
  • 1st Place: Strategies to Manage Physician Burnout
    • Authors: Caden Aston, Dr. Daniel Rivera
  • 1st Place: What is ARFID? Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder presented by the student wellness group
    • Authors: Evangie Bravo and Angelica Rodriguez
  • 2nd Place: Artificial Intelligence in Skin Cancer Diagnosis
    • Authors: Marianne Osorio Quiñones, Angélica M. Pizarro Quintana, and Naishka C. Rivera Rosado
  • 3rd Place: Maternal Sepsis- 10 Management Pearls
    • Authors: Madeline Cervantes, Marianne Osorio, Yasiree Lamb, Alondra Padilla, Andrea Robles, Luis Vega

The UAG School of Medicine Research Symposium was a testament to the transformative power of inquiry, innovation, and collaboration. As attendees reflected on the day's proceedings, they vowed to carry forward the spirit of curiosity and discovery, fueling their collective efforts to advance human health and well-being. The success of the symposium highlighted the ongoing commitment of the UAG School of Medicine to push the boundaries of medical knowledge, one breakthrough at a time.

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