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New Generation of Doctors: UAG Celebrates International Medical Graduates’ Commitment to Medicine
By: UAG School of Medicine
Young individuals from Puerto Rico and the United States have proudly completed their studies in the International Medical Program at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG). The graduation ceremony was held in the University Gymnasium. 

Dr. Jonathan Sorelle, a distinguished alumnus of the PIM class of 1999, served as the Godfather of this graduating class. In his inspiring address, Dr. Sorelle emphasized the importance of commitment to the noble causes of Medicine. 
Committed to Society
In his heartfelt message, Dr. Sorelle reminded the graduates that the essence of the medical profession lies in healing, protecting life, preventing disease, and serving others. He lamented the trend of doctors becoming "sponsors" or promoters of pharmaceuticals, medications, and technology, often without considering the long-term harm these practices might cause. He urged the new doctors to reject these self-serving practices and instead focus on their roles as servants of the population, dedicated researchers, and conscientious scientists who prioritize people's health.
They are now Doctors
Dr. Kashif Ahmad, Dean of the International School of Medicine Program, also addressed the gathering, expressing his profound gratitude to the families and graduates for entrusting the institution with their education. He reassured them that UAG will always be their home and encouraged them to stay connected with their Alma Mater to share their future achievements. 

Following these inspiring speeches, the graduates received their diplomas, marking the completion of their studies. The ceremony culminated with the new doctors taking the Hippocratic Oath, a solemn vow to uphold ethical standards in their medical practice. 
Kiomara Oliveras Rivera, representing the graduates, spoke passionately about the pride and honor of this achievement. She acknowledged the immense challenges and sacrifices required to study Medicine in a foreign country. As they see the fruits of their hard work, they embark on a new journey that promises to change their lives forever. 
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