Alumni Programs & Services | UAG School of Medicine


Alumni Programs & Services | UAG School of Medicine


As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge, assist in the development of future health professionals, and stay linked to UAG, School of Medicine.
Alumni Programs & Services | UAG School of Medicine


Are you planning a trip to Guadalajara and want to take a look around the UAG campus?

Contact or call (800) 319-9996.

Alumni Programs & Services | UAG School of Medicine


One of the UAG Alumni Association’s missions is to help our graduates make the transition from medical students to practicing physicians.

If you are aware of any Residency positions, Fellowships, or professional possibilities that you would like to share with a UAG alumnus, please email us so that they can be posted on our site.

Alumni Programs & Services | UAG School of Medicine


UAG Alumni get a variety of deals on items such as continuing education courses, books, and college apparel.

It is possible that you will be required to show your alumni ID card to obtain these benefits. You can request an official alumni ID card by logging into your account and selecting “Alumni ID Card Request” from the Alumni menu.

If you have any questions about the discount program, you can contact or call (800) 319-9996 Alumni line.

Alumni Programs & Services | UAG School of Medicine


The Alumni Directory is one of the most frequently requested services provided by the Alumni Association.

Advisors and prospective students frequently request a list of graduates in their field. They appreciate the opportunity to communicate or speak with our UAG graduates firsthand.

Your involvement in this program is greatly appreciated. To participate, please share your information via the Alumni Association email or call the Alumni line at (800) 319-9996.

Alumni Speaker

Our students benefit greatly from hearing directly from our graduates about their experiences in the “real world” as they plan for their post-graduation futures. You may help students succeed by telling them about your own path and imparting the advice you’ve gleaned from your experiences.

White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony at UAG School of Medicine is a rite of passage for beginning medical students that marks their official entry into professional training. The students are presented with their first white coats by members of the School’s faculty as a symbol of their commitment to professionalism, excellence, and empathy as they embark on their medical careers at this ceremony.

Our Graduates are often asked to participate as keynote speakers and assist in the White Coat Ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation speakers are invited to join the procession and then speak to the graduating class during the ceremony. Handing out diplomas to our graduates is also a part of the experience for our students.


Compártenos tus intereses y en breve un asesor educativo se pondrá en contacto contigo.


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