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The Student Success Department is dedicated to one goal: assisting students in thriving in the UAG International Medical Program. 

Student success is accurately measured by how well students are prepared to achieve their current and future goals. The Student Success Team will support you during your journey to become a Physician. 

In addition to special events and activities, we provide the following eight essential services:
1.   Early Alert & Intervention Program  
Identifies students who need support to improve their academic performance at an early stage and refers them for Academic Success Coaching and other services offered at the Department of Student Success.
2.   Academic Success Coaching  
Individualized counseling sessions on learning strategies, discipline, and motivation to help improve students´ academic performance. 
3.   Teaching Assistant (TA) Program 
Each semester, the Medical School faculty selects outstanding students to serve as teaching assistants for the upcoming semester. TAs conduct exam review sessions and hold office hours to address students' concerns. 
4.   Peer-Mentoring Program 
Individualized counseling sessions on learning strategies, discipline, and motivation to help improve students´ academic performance. 
5.   Mental Health Counseling and Wellness Services 
A team of certified psychologists, as well as a referral system to other health professionals and physicians, is available to assist students in maintaining their health and performing at their best in Medical School. Each semester, mindfulness, yoga, and other wellness activities are scheduled on campus. 
6.   Language Program (ESL and SSL) 
Along with the UAG International Language Center, we offer diagnostic exams and tailored courses to support students with language difficulties (English and Spanish). 
7.   USMLE Preparation Counseling Service 
The UAG School of Medicine places a high value on students' ability to succeed on the USMLE Step 1 examination by providing coaching and resources.  
8.   Career Planning and Coaching Service 
  •  Routes to licensure. 
  •  ECFMG. 
  •  Match Process. 
  • Residencies and Fellowships. 
  • Pharma: Medical Science Liaisons. 
  • Academic Medicine. 
  • Clinical Research. 
  •  Public Health. 
  • Global Health/International Jobs. 
  •  Medical Malpractice/Torts Law. 
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