Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program


Welcome to our Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program, where excellence meets mentorship, shaping the future of competent medical professionals.

Our UAG SOM CSD program is designed to provide our students with the practical abilities necessary to become competent and compassionate healthcare providers.

Different activities are involved in our program, parallel to the Basic Sciences course, including:

Basic Clinical Skills Workshops

These workShops introduce students to fundamental clinical skills such as patient history taking, physical examination, vital sign measurement, and communication skills.


Simulation Training

Simulation-based training allows students to practice clinical scenarios in a controlled environment using lifelike mannequins or standardized patients. This helps students develop skills in decision-taking, diagnosing, and managing various medical conditions while also honing teamwork.


Procedural Training

Students learn how to perform common medical procedures under the guidance of experienced clinicians. This may include techniques such as venipuncture, intravenous cannulation, suturing, airway management, and urinary catheterization.


Interprofessional Education

Collaborative learning experiences with students from other UAG healthcare disciplines, such as nursing, nutrition, and physical therapy, help foster teamwork and prepare students for interdisciplinary patient care.


Clinical Rotations

Experience real-world healthcare scenarios through our clinical rotations, where students actively apply their acquired skills in diverse medical settings including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and community health centers.

Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program
Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program
Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program
Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Prepare for the next phase of training with confidence through our OSCE sessions. These examinations are a vital component in evaluating your clinical competence and readiness for advanced responsibilities. Feedback from faculty helps students identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.


Program Overview

The CSD Mentoring Program is a pioneering initiative designed to empower first and second-year students on their journey toward clinical proficiency. Launched in January 2023, the program is committed to cultivating a culture of mentorship and support within our medical community.


The CSD Mentoring Program extends an invitation to high-performing students to serve as mentors and assistants, contributing significantly to their peers' development.


Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program

Engage in scheduled workshops with professors

CSD mentors have the opportunity to work collaboratively with the professors, as Jr. Instructors during the CSD workshops, which allows them to develop leadership skills by guiding and mentoring their peers.

Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program

Clinical Examination


Benefit from peer-led clinical examination reviews, where CSD mentors share insights, techniques, and valuable experiences to enhance learning.

Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program
Participate in various projects based on their availability and as an integral part of a collaborative team.

Teaching others requires a deeper understanding of the subject matter. As junior clinical skills instructors, CSD mentors find themselves revisiting and solidifying their knowledge and skills, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of clinical concepts and procedures.
Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program

Tutoring Video



CSD mentors participate in the creation of tutoring video recordings, which allow students to review and reinforce clinical skills before taking their workshops.

Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Program

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Before each OSCE, CSD mentors contribute to the education and training of future healthcare professionals, making a positive impact on the learning experiences of their peers.


At UAG School of Medicine, we are dedicated to preparing our students to take on increasing degrees of responsibility in the next phase of their medical training. The CSD Program is a transformative experience that propels our students toward clinical excellence.


Embark on your journey of clinical skills development, where mentorship, collaboration, and hands-on experience converge to shape the future leaders of healthcare. Join us in redefining medical education.


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