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The Center for Simulated Patient Care by Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine provides learners with invaluable experiential learning that complements our interdisciplinary course curriculum. The CSPC provides a safe and conducive educational environment that utilizes simulation to create a real learning experience for learners. This includes the incorporation of culturally diverse interpersonal communication skills, teamwork, clinical assessment, and skill proficiency into increasing medically complex critical thinking scenarios that result in the provision of safe, quality, and patient-centered care. 

Built to resemble a hospital, the recently built 5,500-square-foot facility offers operating rooms with transfer and surgical washing (scrubbing) practice areas, high-fidelity and mid-fidelity across the life span manikins, debriefing room with direct observation through a ceiling to floor glass, and collaborative flexible learning spaces. 
Campus Facilities | UAG School of Medicine
Types of Simulators
In our Simulations Center, we have a wide range of simulators of different fidelities, from the most basic to high fidelity simulators, used depending on the grade of difficulty of the simulated educational technique, learning goals and abilities to be practiced.
Center for Simulated Patient Care Learning Benefits 
Simulated-based education improves the confidence of the medical student and boosts their abilities, skills, and knowledge integration through different techniques. It opens the opportunity to create safe environments for clinical scenarios that allows our students to learn from their errors without harming another human being. 
Center for Simulated Patient Care Research Benefits 
In addition to the educational process, the Simulation Center allows performing research of new educational pedagogic tools and didactics to improve medical education and impulse innovation. Even more, the utilization of Simulation Centers with different levels of simulators and scenarios may aid in the improvement and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, tools, and approaches for a diverse world of pathologies and diseases, aiding specialists to impulse the advancement of medicine and other healthcare-related sciences. 
Health Sciences Benefits 
Simulation-based education in its different didactic techniques allows the development of collaborative work skills, professionalism, and interprofessional communication while integrating scientific knowledge with medical propaedeutics: initiating the practice of medicine. As teams work together during simulated scenarios and different types of simulators, peers must address each of them to improve the skills and abilities targeted for each workshop, communicating their successful and appropriate techniques and providing feedback on aspects to improve, mentored by a professor. This practice allows a better development of the students' learning process to prepare them for clerkships and future practice. These types of educational techniques and technology may be applied as part of the continuing medical education every physician has lifelong. 
Students and faculty alike have access to textbooks at the ICB and Main Campus, biomedical eBooks, databases, clinical knowledge bases, and e-journals. Students have access to the whole digital library catalog. 

The Library Network also offers a host of Special Services, such as artificial anatomical pieces, anatomical museum pieces, information managers, etc. 
The UAG Quiet study area is open five days a week and is accessible 24 hours a day. Quiet study areas and group study rooms (zero noise) can be found around the library. Everywhere you go on campus, you will find free Wi-Fi. 
Peer-to-Peer Skills Development 
The methodology of students teaching students allows for deliberate practice and mastery learning. 
UAG Main campus has a variety of sports facilities accessible to all students: 
  • Olympic Pool 
  • Diving Pool 
  • Hardwood Floor  
  • GYM 
  • Basketball  
  • Court Baseball Stadium 
  • 6 Soccer Fields 
  • Beach Volleyball  
  • Court Football Field 
  • Softball Field 
  • Softball Field
  • 8 Tennis Court
  • 4 Open-Air Basketball Courts
  • Handball Court
  • 2 Squash Courts
  • Racquetball Court
  • Weightlifting Equipment
  • Aerobics Studio
  • Tae Kwon Do Facilities


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