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Hands-On Experience
The UAG School of Medicine helps prospective students understand the benefits of a hands-on experience when it comes to succeeding in a career in medicine.

Hands on Experience at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara

Academia has a reputable place in the education of medical students, but nothing takes the place of hands-on experience. Medical students will be learning how to work with people and much of what they do is using their hands while they work with human beings. What better way to learn than actual hands-on experience?
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara believes that hands-on experience is of utmost importance when educating medical professionals. This experience is irreplaceable and is absolutely necessary before sending students into the field.
Some ways that hands-on experience can assist medical students at high proficiency levels are the following:
  • Development of  Clinical Skills in the Medical Field
  • Clinical Reasoning Training
  • Interaction with Simulated and Real Life Patients
  • Teamwork and Collaboration in different clinical settings
  • Professionalism and Ethical Training
  • Exposure to Different Medical Specialties
  • Preparation for Residency

How Does UAG Help?

Hands-on experience is essential for medical students. Knowing this, UAG helps students to have hands-on experience in medical school by providing them with specific opportunities.
  1. Clinical Skills Workshops
    Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara provides students with different task-training and integrative workshops in our specially designed Simulation Center through different educational modalities including low and high-fidelity mannequins, and virtual reality clinical scenarios.   
Procedural Training is the method of the highly supervised practice of medicine. This allows students to practice medicine under the supervision of highly qualified physicians. This can be something as simple as taking vital signs or as complex as getting ready for a surgical procedure.
Procedural Training is important because students get to practice while keeping patient safety.
In addition, high proficiency students, are invited to participate as junior instructors in the CSD Mentors Program. This is a wonderful way to encourage and grow their leadership skills.
  1. UAG Simulation Center
    Our medical simulation center is a wonderful resource provided to all of our medical students. It provides simulation-based training that helps them get the hands-on experience in a safe environment. Our facility includes:
  • Venous and Arterial Access Trainers
  • Airway and CPR Mannequins
  • Virtual Dissection Tables
  • Adult Upper and Lower Torso
  • Labour Simulator
  • High Fidelity Adult Patient Simulator
 In addition, our medical simulation center provides students with the use of these helpful resources.
  • IS/OR
  • ICU
  • L&D
  • Simulation Control Room
  • Audio Visual Recording System
  1. Community Medicine
    By participating in the community medicine program since the beginning of the medical school years, students have the opportunity to promote health and improve the overall wellbeing of disadvantages populations while practicing their clinical skills under direct supervision.
This experience also invites students to practice and learn Medical Spanish, as consults take place with native-Spanish speakers. However, the UAG CSD Staff will be glad to help those students who require support with translations during the brigades.
  1. Interprofessional Collaboration
Our medical students are encouraged to practice teamwork by participating in interprofessional clinical scenarios with other health professionals such as nutrition, nursing, odontology and physical therapy students.
By involving in a multidisciplinary approach for patients, students practice their communication and clinical reasoning skills.  
  1. Clinical Rotations
    Clinical rotations are crucial for medical students because they allow them to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the medical field.
    Many students find clinical rotations to be particularly useful when they are choosing a specialty. Clinical rotations expose students to every field of medicine and students can experience what each field is like. This provides a wonderful way to learn about specific areas of medicine while getting the much-needed hands-on experience.


At UAG, we are looking for our graduates to be more than proficient in the knowledge of science and medicine. We know that practice is necessary to master the clinical skills, therefore, we provide them with different resources in  their clinical journey. We want UAG students to be at ease in the delivery room, at ease in the operating room, at ease in the emergency room and in their community.


Autonomous University of Guadalajara-School of Medicine

If you seek a medical school that provides the best hands-on experience, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara is your choice.  UAG is a medical school that is meant primarily for American students to attend before they return to the United States to practice medicine. One fantastic benefit to studying at UAG is that students will graduate with bilingual skills as well as a medical degree. Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara offers hands-on experiential training to give their medical students every chance at success. For more information, visit our website. Or call us toll-free at (833) 220-7645. Ready to apply? Visiting https://uag.edu/application-process is the quickest way to realize your dreams of an education in medicine.  For questions about admissions, email us at admissions@uag.edu.


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