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ACP Student Member Noel’s Journey: Empowering Future Physicians and Promoting Internal Medicine
Follow the journey of Noel, a future physician and active member of the ACP Council of Student Members.
By: UAG School of Medicine

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, medical students like Noel are stepping up to shape the future of medicine. Noel, a current 4th-semester medical student, is not just a passive observer; he is an active member of the ACP Council of Student Members (CSM). His recent participation in the fall meeting held in Philadelphia highlighted his dedication to improving medical education and advocating for essential changes within the American College of Physicians (ACP).

The ACP Council of Student Members serves as a critical link between medical students and the ACP Board of Regents, committees, and staff. Noel's involvement in this council reflects his commitment to responding to requests from these entities for the review of programs, products, and services, and advising on various matters of significance:
Promoting Internal Medicine as a Career
Noel is passionate about internal medicine and its versatility as a specialty. His involvement with the internal medicine interest group at his university, the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG), sparked his interest. Internal medicine allows physicians to address a wide range of complex diseases and aligns with his vision of changing the way people perceive healthcare.
Increasing the Value of ACP Membership to Medical Students
As an ACP CSM member, Noel is committed to enhancing the membership experience for medical students. He understands the importance of ACP's resources and support in shaping the future careers of budding physicians.

Strengthening Chapter and Medical School-Level Activities
Noel's engagement extends to fostering a stronger sense of community among medical students within their respective institutions and local ACP chapters.

Aligning Council Activities with the College’s Priority Themes
The ACP Council of Student Members actively contributes to the ACP's priority themes and goals for the year, ensuring that the council's efforts are in harmony with the broader objectives of the College.

Bringing Awareness about International Medical Students to ACP
Noel's perspective as an international medical student enriches the diversity of the council's discussions and brings unique insights into the challenges faced by students like him.

The fall meeting in Philadelphia had a specific focus on ACP's priority themes and goals for the 2023-2024 year. One central theme was promoting diversity and inclusion within the medical community. Noel actively participated in discussions aimed at devising strategies to increase diversity, foster inclusion, and create accountability within the ACP.

The meeting also involved reviewing reports from the Board of Governors Meeting and offering valuable insights on various topics. Notable discussions included topics like healthcare for sex workers, the decriminalization of sex work involving consenting adults, and recognizing physicians outside of internal medicine for honorary ACP fellowship. Additionally, the meeting addressed crucial USA health policy updates, paving the way for potential improvements.

Noel's journey into the world of medical advocacy and ACP involvement began with his participation in the internal medicine interest group at UAG. His passion for internal medicine and his desire to reshape the public's perception of healthcare led him to seek further engagement. In 2022, he attended an internal medicine meeting in Chicago, where he discovered the Council of Student Members (CSM) and realized that he could start working toward his dream as a medical student.
One of the most impactful lessons Noel gained from this experience was the opportunity to connect with doctors and fellow medical students from diverse backgrounds and career paths. These interactions provided invaluable encouragement and guidance on how to navigate medical school successfully and achieve his long-term goals.

Noel's journey within the ACP Council of Student Members showcases the power of medical students to shape the future of medicine, promote diversity and inclusion, and drive positive change within the medical community. As he continues to advocate for internal medicine and work towards his vision of transforming healthcare perceptions, Noel serves as an inspiration to aspiring physicians worldwide. His dedication to making a difference during his medical student years is a testament to the potential for positive change within the medical field.
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