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Dr. Nestor Gerardo Astorga: Specialist in Internal Medicine Practicing in Weslaco, Texas
Meet Nestor Gerardo Astorga, an internal medicine practicing in Welasco, Texas!
By: UAG School of Medicine
We recently conducted an interview with Dr. Nestor Gerardo Astorga, a physician in Weslaco, TX. Dr. Astorga is a specialist in Internal Medicine and obtained his residency in 2021. During the interview, Dr. Astorga shared his insights and experiences in the medical profession, providing valuable information to alumni. The interview was an enlightening and inspiring opportunity for alumni to gain an inside look into the life of a successful Internal Medicine specialist.

What has been your best/most memorable experience while at UAG? 

My most memorable experience would definitely be when we would go to the clinics for the underserved. Helping those with the greatest need was certainly a rewarding experience. 

What would you most like to be remembered for? 
I would like to be remembered as someone you could count on for help or to be there when needed. 

What have you done after matching? 
After matching I started my internal medicine residency and have been working toward a possible fellowship afterward. 

What advice would you give to applicants right now? 
For those applying I would advise them to remain patient with themselves, don't give into impostor syndrome (we've all been there), get their STEPs out of the way, and have an open mind as good things may not happen in the way we expect them to. 

What do residents do for fun? 
Not work! We love to catch up on sleep, spend time with our families and friends, exercise, travel, and just have a good time! 

What is your vision for the future of the program? 
I am hoping the program continues to grow and is able to give students the most state-of-the-art tools that they need to be great future physicians.  
What is your favorite thing about working there? 
My favorite things are being able to finally translate theory into practice, seeing our team's patients improve and return to their normal lives, but also seeing my own personal growth and the challenges I was able to overcome that once seemed insurmountable. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 
My favorite scuba dives have been at night when we need to use flashlights to see the underwater nightlife! It's a different world than during the daylight as the daytime fauna clocks out while the nighttime fauna emerges. 
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