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Get to know Dr. Valentin, a Distinguished Alumni of the UAG School of Medicine and Guest Speaker for the Class of 2027
Dr. María de los Ángeles Valentín Mari, a graduate of the UAG School of Medicine, was the first in her family to choose this profession.  
By: UAG School of Medicine
She doesn't remember when or how her passion for medicine was born, but she always knew she wanted to be a doctor.  Dr. María de los Ángeles Valentín Mari, a graduate of the UAG School of Medicine, was the first in her family to choose this profession.  Today, Dr. Valentín practices internal medicine and is also dedicated to medical education in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where she currently holds the position of Director of Graduate Medical Education at the Episcopal San Lucas Medical Center, a role she has held since 2017.  
Her work in medical education is primarily focused on overseeing residency programs and creating new alternatives in Puerto Rico.  Under her guidance, 125 residents have taken part in various residency programs.  Dr. Valentín is also an Assistant Professor at the Ponce School of Medicine, and her 20 years of experience in academia demonstrate her strong commitment to imparting knowledge in the field of healthcare.  Furthermore, throughout her career, she has held various positions such as Director of Faculty of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, as well as the Central Residency Program.  Despite her busy schedule, Dr. Valentín has managed to maintain her private practice as an Internal Medicine Physician since 2004. 
Her objective as a healthcare professional is clear and steadfast: to make more medical specialists and subspecialists available to the community, as well as helping individuals find their passion to serve with humility. 
Contributing to the Community 
On the other hand, Dr. Valentín has always been a humble and compassionate woman. Therefore, she engages in social work through her clinic at different times, particularly during times of hurricanes or earthquakes, which unfortunately occur frequently in Puerto Rico. 
Her work as a professional has been recognized and she has received numerous honors for her efforts in creating activities that promote the professionalization of healthcare among young people. Among other accolades for her contributions to medical education, she has also been praised as a prominent figure in the healthcare field by the Association of Hospitals of Puerto Rico. 
A Challenging Experience 

"Studying Medicine at UAG School of Medicine changed my life from the moment I started there. My life was never the same again. I arrived at 21 years old and learned to be independent, to respect and value others, and to be humble," said Dr. Valentín. 

"The challenge of coming abroad to study Medicine and the way doctors are educated here through clinical experience and patient care was very decisive for me", she added. 
As a UAG Alumna of the class of 1998, Dr. Valentín has left a profound mark on her journey through this institution. "Simply put, UAG opens the doors for you to become a different kind of doctor.” 
She arrived at UAG School of Medicine in 1994 because her school in Puerto Rico had pamphlets offering the medical program in Guadalajara. After reviewing them, she decided to study there. 
In Mexico, she experienced extremely funny situations due to the country’s idioms, where the connotations varied greatly. At first, it was difficult for her to understand or misinterpret certain things people said. 
She also shared memories of the lectures of Biochemistry Professor, Dr. Cuauhtémoc, who always took care of his students. "He helped us a lot…if we didn't understand something, he would stay after hours with us. He even went out to eat with us sometimes and gave us courses on how to be good professionals and, above all, understand Mexican culture," recalled the UAG graduate. 
Finally, she encouraged students of UAG School of Medicine to be organized with their classes, have good time management, set short-term goals for two years, have a support group that helps them identify their weaknesses and strengths, and, above all, have realistic expectations. 
"Guadalajara is a beautiful city, and Mexico is a spectacular country. You must visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, experience the culture, and learn to live in the country. But, at the same time, you must focus on why you came here -- which is to study Medicine," she emphasized. 
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