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UAG Alumni PR Chapter’s Fourth Meeting and Dinner: A Night of Reunion and Celebration
The UAG Alumni PR Chapter's Fourth Meeting and Dinner was a night of reunion and celebration, showcasing the enduring spirit of the UAG community.
By: UAG School of Medicine

The UAG School of Medicine boasts a vibrant and engaged alumni community, and this spirit of camaraderie was on full display during the fourth meeting/dinner organized by the UAG Alumni PR chapter. Led by its President, Dr. Jorge Martínez Trabal, and the dedicated board, the event brought together approximately 50 graduates, creating an atmosphere of reunion, celebration, and shared memories.

On Thursday, November 2, alumni from the UAG School of Medicine gathered at La Casona Restaurant in San Juan for an evening filled with excitement and nostalgia. The event marked a significant moment in the chapter's calendar, not only as a platform for networking and interaction but also as an opportunity to foster lifelong connections among alumni.

The gathering was made even more special with the generous support of LeMaitre Company, which sponsored the event. The sponsorship demonstrated the company's commitment to nurturing the UAG alumni community and facilitating meaningful interactions among its members.


The evening was a testament to the enduring bonds created during the time spent at UAG and the strong connection alumni maintain with their alma mater. Graduates came together to relive cherished memories and create new ones.

Dr. Jorge Martínez Trabal, as the President of the UAG Alumni PR chapter, played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event. His dedication to fostering a sense of community among UAG alumni was evident throughout the evening. Dr. Martínez Trabal's leadership has been instrumental in driving the chapter's activities and ensuring that UAG graduates continue to thrive, both personally and professionally.

The importance of such gatherings cannot be overstated. They provide a platform for graduates to reconnect, exchange experiences, and support one another in their personal and professional journeys. The shared UAG experience serves as a common thread that unites alumni and encourages them to collaborate and inspire each other.

The UAG Alumni PR chapter's fourth meeting and dinner not only celebrated the alumni community but also reaffirmed the values and principles that UAG stands for – excellence, lifelong learning, and a commitment to making a difference in the world.

As UAG alumni continue to excel in their respective fields and contribute to their communities, events like these serve as a reminder of the strong foundation upon which their successes are built. The bonds forged during their time at UAG School of Medicine remain unbreakable, and the alumni community continues to thrive, inspired by the legacy of their alma mater.

With the successful conclusion of this gathering, the UAG Alumni PR chapter looks forward to more opportunities for alumni to come together, support one another, and celebrate their shared connection to UAG. The future holds the promise of more meaningful interactions, collaborations, and achievements, all fueled by the enduring spirit of the UAG alumni community.

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