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UAG Alumni settling in as Mohave County Health Director
He’s only been in his high-profile job for 60 days, but Dr. Chad Kingsley has kept up a hectic pace as Mohave County’s new director of public health.
By: UAG School of Medicine
He’s only been in his high-profile job for 60 days, but Dr. Chad Kingsley has kept up a hectic pace as Mohave County’s new director of public health.

Kingsley was born and raised in Las Vegas and graduated from UNLV. After receiving his medical degree as a Doctor from UAG School of Medicine in Guadalajara, Mexico, he returned to continue his career in Las Vegas.

Kingsley was serving as the regional trauma director of the Southern Nevada Health District when the Mohave County opportunity presented itself this past spring following the resignation of former Public Health Director Denise Burley.

Kingsley applied, got the job, and believes the new position offers further progression within his career path while still allowing him to stay close to the community he knew so well.

Kingsley says “The unexpected outcomes that guided me to Public Health leadership have developed my capacity to strategically seek solutions. I enjoy discovering the why and how because I like to listen. When I listen, I can understand how to act. In essence, that is public health. Any public health department must collect information and see where and how to act effectively. The key to that action is consistent relationship building.”

In the two months since he became health director, Kingsley said he believes “the greatest rewards have been getting to know the public health and county staff and speaking with Mohave County residents and decision-makers.”

His busy schedule includes continuing public meetings in Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City throughout the week, and thanks to the “Let’s Talk” Community Meetings organized by the Economic Development Department, he’s already been to Meadview, Oatman, Dolan Springs, and Yucca, and attended a health fair in Peach Springs.

The doctor has considerable philosophy behind his dealings and has two adages he employs. The first is “closed mouths don’t get fed” and the other is “to make them tell you no.”

He wants to hear what the community needs and has to say, even when it’s a grievance, saying, “a resident’s frustration in many cases is simply an unmet need. Everyone wants to and deserves to be treated fairly.”

It’s a thoughtful and optimistic belief, Kingsley adds. “It is my role to facilitate a positive and hopefully compassionate outcome. Sometimes the answer will be no, but it’s still an answer that’s an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Kingsley’s been married for 13 years to his wife, Annie. They have four children ages 12, 10, 8 and 6. He enjoys writing and cooking, and loves camping and hiking with his family.

Although his new home is far more rural than big and busy Las Vegas, Mohave County offers a similar natural environment. Kingsley calls himself “a desert child,” and said he and his family nourish and take advantage of their outdoor surroundings. At his job, the doctor says “I’m a relationship builder. I want to engage and keep continuing to work with my staff.”

So far, he finds the people in his new county more personable, genuine and easier to connect with than in Las Vegas. Kingsley said funding in rural communities is especially difficult. That’s true in Mohave County. “Smaller communities often don’t get resources they need,” he said.

With his staff of 84, there are still a few shortcomings and deficiencies. He said he strongly believes there needs to be better contact tracing and disease investigators.
“We are stable, but some improvements are needed. Overall, there’s an opportunity coming off of the pandemic, a new hope for renewal, and we can be headed in a new positive direction. There’s an opportunity to make the health department even better,” Kingsley said. He has every intention of making that more than a goal. It’s a must.
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