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UAG Inaugurates Innovative Laboratories for the Development of Medical Devices
UAG launches advanced Medical Device Labs with the Government of Jalisco and Biomedical Engineering Cluster, fostering biomedical innovation.

By: UAG School of Medicine
The Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG), in collaboration with the Government of Jalisco and the Biomedical Engineering Cluster, proudly inaugurated the cutting-edge Laboratories for the Development of Medical Devices, which is dedicated to promoting research in the biomedical sector.

These new facilities are comprised of the Motion Analysis Laboratory and the Electronics and Design Laboratory. They are dedicated to fostering innovation, knowledge creation, comprehensive student training, and specialized services for the biomedical industry.

These objectives will be achieved through the concerted efforts of stakeholders from various fields such as academia, government, and the industrial society, and will focus on sustainable innovation, technological development, and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the laboratories will contribute to providing UAG students with a world-class education and will benefit students in programs such as Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Medicine, among others.
During the ceremony held at the UAG's Dr. Luis Garibay Gutiérrez Auditorium, Vice President of Health Sciences, Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah, warmly welcomed the academic community, acknowledging this significant milestone with the introduction of state-of-the-art laboratory technology that will strengthen teaching, research, and collaboration with both society and industry.
"The laboratories we inaugurate today are the result of intersectoral work, evidence that we can enhance academia, research, and industry to address the most pressing needs of the population," he emphasized.
Dr. Ricardo Gómez Bayardo, Director General of the Jalisco Biomedical Engineering Cluster, presented the Electronics and Design Laboratory and the Motion Analysis Laboratory to attendees, which comprised of UAG leadership, Government of Jalisco representatives, the private sector, and academia.

He explained that these laboratories serve as a model for promoting innovation by supporting technological, business, intellectual property, and regulatory projects.

"We highly value having UAG as a strategic ally, and we are thrilled to inaugurate these laboratories today," he expressed.

Professor Alberto Esquer Gutiérrez, Secretary of the Social Assistance System for the State of Jalisco, declared that this laboratory guarantees the design of personalized prosthetics for faster adaptation.

"Reducing waiting times is one of our biggest challenges, so I invite you to join forces and push forward projects such as the amputee center, which we have discussed with the Biomedical Engineering Cluster," he added.

"We extend our gratitude and congratulations to UAG for being a valuable ally here in Jalisco. We appreciate their many years of educating young minds and fostering innovation in diverse fields of science and technology, all for the benefit of our state."
Dr. Francisco Javier Alvarado Rodríguez, Research Professor for the National System of Research of CONACYT and Leader of Medical Device Development Research at UAG, stated that their current efforts are underway to develop quantitative indices for diagnosing and treating gait abnormalities, as well as proposing new models for functional analysis.
"We are committed to the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered from vascular brain accidents, and we seek to improve their quality of life and reintegrate them into their daily activities," he emphasized.
After the speeches, the attendees visited the new Laboratories for the Development of Medical Devices, located in Building B of Main Campus, where the ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, followed by a tour of the facilities.
The Motion Analysis Laboratory is equipped with specialized equipment, including the Human Gait Analysis System, which enables students to study the movement, size, sequence, and duration, along with the associated forces.
This data aids in diagnosing and evaluating disorders, disabilities, or pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system. Additionally, it provides crucial information for developing and adjusting medical devices and prosthetics to enhance mobility and the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.
The Human Gait Analysis System can also be used in studies which go beyond the clinical setting, such as analyzing interactions between forces and movements in various situations, like robotic prototype analyses, drone flight patterns, transportation displacement, or video game patterns, making it a valuable tool in diverse engineering and related disciplines.
The Electronics and Design Laboratory houses various equipment, including 3D printers and resin printers, enabling rapid prototyping to expedite the design and development process, reducing costs and material waste. It also features laser cutters, ensuring precision and speed in cutting and engraving materials for the cost-effective production of complex designs.
A 3D scanner captures objects and surfaces in three dimensions quickly and precisely, simplifying digital model creation. The laboratory is also equipped with oscilloscopes, signal generators, power sources, and devices for creating electronic cards, facilitating the evaluation of digital and analog circuits, signal analysis in time and frequency domains, and the development of small-scale surface-mount multilayer electronic cards.
Lastly, the 3D CNC (Computer Numerical Control) allows the fabrication of intricate and detailed pieces with high precision and repeatability that would be difficult to achieve manually.
With such projects and facilities, UAG reinforces and consolidates its commitment to forming innovative world-class leaders by using innovative technology and fostering collaboration between government and social sectors.
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