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UAG School of Medicine Graduates the Class of 2022

A generation of students from the United States and Puerto Rico finished their studies at the UAG International Medicine Program.

By: UAG School of Medicine
A new generation of students from the United States and Puerto Rico finished their studies at the UAG International Medicine Program.
" From day one, UAG gives students a significant amount of clinical experiences, encourages them to continue their education, and ensures that their knowledge and science remain current; these are characteristics of an exceptional school." 
These were the remarks of Dr. Abneris Rivera Martinez, who spoke on behalf of her colleagues at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara's graduation ceremony.

She assured everyone that she felt “...very happy, this is the greatest achievement of my life. This is one of the most beautiful professions. We are on the front line helping many. It is excellent to be a doctor”.

Over the course of its existence, the International Medical Program has produced over 18,000 medical physicians, including her fellow students from the United States and Puerto Rico.
Dr. Christopher A. Reeder, Dean of the UAG School of Medicine, said that the new medical graduates will take the values of the institution to all corners of the world, wherever they practice their profession.

In the same event, Dr. Jorge Luis Martínez Trabal, a graduate of Medicine from UAG, received the “Lic. Antonio Leaño Álvarez del Castillo" Award and acted as the godfather of this generation, taking the opportunity to give a message to the recent graduates.

“Do not forget the care of human life is the reason for our profession. This through preparation, continuous study, empathy, and ethics. Remember that the practice of medicine, although based on science, also has a lot to focus on that patients are human, teamwork and involvement of the community in which one lives. This impacts patients directly and indirectly,” he noted.

The diplomas were then handed to each student as they walked on stage and after they all took the Hippocratic Oath as the new doctors of this generation.
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