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UAG School of Medicine Strengthens Ties with Health Institutions and Hospitals
The Relevance Committee was established to continuously enhance the academic program.
By: UAG School of Medicine

The Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG) established the "School of Medicine Relevance Committee," which brings together professors, students, and representatives from public and private health institutions to maintain and strengthen educational quality standards in the program.

Dr. Lilia Patricia Bustamante Montes, Dean of the Health Sciences Area, explained that this would be a team of experts from various sectors of the healthcare field who will collaborate with the School of Medicine's direction to anticipate changes in professional practice and educational needs based on sector trends and transformations.

According to the Dean, the Relevance Committee is an academic body that will provide advisory and guidance, collaboration, and honorary participation functions, as well as relevant program information.

It will examine the program's relevance and pertinence in the training of future physicians in light of changes in the health field, and it will be dedicated to contrasting the professional training that students receive with the perspectives of experts in the area.

"We need to train students in a relevant way, which means we need the entire context of what is going on in our society," Dr. Bustamante Montes explained.

"We must consider all of the geographical, social, and political factors that influence health systems; this Relevance Committee is critical to us, which is why we require that link with you."

Dr. Beatriz Tinoco Torres, Director of the UAG's Medicine Program, presented the history and current state of the UAG's Medicine program, emphasizing that this institution has thousands of graduates worldwide.

The Relevance Committee formation event was held at the UAG Center for Professors and Alumni. The group will meet at least twice a year to discuss the needs and trends in the medical sector.

Medical Liaison

These are the Relevance Committee representatives from medical institutions and hospitals.

  • Dr. Carlos Rodrguez Zárate, Hospital San Javier's Commercial Director.
  • Dr. Eduardo Vázquez Valls is the Director of Education, Research, and Sectorial Quality at the Jalisco Ministry of Health.
  • Terranova Hospital's General Director, Dr. Luis Eduardo Ibarra Medina.
  • Dr. Alberto Briceo Fuentes, ISSSTE Jalisco State Delegation
  • Director of Hospital Real San José, Dr. Joaqun Jiménez Flores.
  • Ramón Garibay Hospital's Director, Dr. Juan Manuel Martnez Navarro.
  • Dr. Luis Pacheco, IMSS Liaison and Coordinator of Institutional Linkage.
  • Dr. Gilberto Bernal Rosales is the UAG's Director of Clinical Cycles.
  • Mara Angélica Romo, UAG Medical Student
  • Dr. Beatriz Tinoco Torres, Director of the UAG Medicine Program.
  • Dr. Lilia Patricia Bustamante Montes, UAG Dean of Health Sciences
  • Academic Director of the Health Sciences Area, Dr. Nora Margarita Noriega Esparza
  • Dr. Salvador Arana, UAG Coordinator of Simulation Centers
  • Dr. Miguel Angel Manjarrez Parra is the Director of the UAG's Community Medicine Program.
  • Dr. Nora Margarita Noriega Esparza, Academic Director of the Health Sciences Area.
  • Dr. Salvador Arana, Coordinator of Simulation Centers of the UAG.
  • Dr. Miguel Angel Manjarrez Parra, Director of the Community Medicine Program of the UAG


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