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UAG Welcomes a New Generation of International Medical Students
The Orientation ceremony was held at the UAG International Campus facilities. 
By: Mariel Serrano and Arturo Padilla
At Orientation 2023, the UAG School of Medicine welcomed the class of 2027 which consisted of students from the United States and Puerto Rico. These enthusiastic individuals are embarking on an exciting journey to become doctors. 

Vice President of Health Sciences Dr. Alfonso Petersen Farah told students that this day could define the rest of their lives and congratulated them for choosing a noble profession such as medicine as well as a great university like UAG.
“You are about to start your path in one of the most demanding careers, medicine, and as if that were not enough, in another country. Today we are proud and happy to have you here at our university with our staff of collaborators ready to help you become magnificent doctors”, he added.
Dr. Kashif Ahmad, Dean of the School of Medicine, urged students to persevere throughout their academic training because the journey to become a doctor can be equally challenging and rewarding, ultimately providing them with a great deal of satisfaction and meaning throughout their lives.

Later, the Academic Director of the School of Medicine, Dr. Miranda Robledo, spoke to them about the institution's courses, academic plan, services, practices, and facilities for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Associate Dean of Medical Education and Clinical Affairs Dr. Ricardo Del Castillo played an essential role in contributing to the success of the Orientation for international medical students. During his participation, he spoke on the topic of Student Success and enhanced the experience of new applicants by introducing them to a variety of available resources. He emphasized the significance of academic and personal adaptation in an international environment, offering advice on time management and effective study, with contagious enthusiasm. Similarly, he described the various academic and professional development tools and resources the school offers, such as tutoring and study groups. Dr. Del Castillo left an indelible mark on students by demonstrating that a commitment to academic and personal success is a priority shared by UAG faculty and future physicians.

The participation of Roxane Grant, Director of Graduate Affairs and Career Advice, was a highlight in welcoming the new students to UAG. Roxane Grant emphasized her dedication to assisting students in achieving their academic and professional goals by providing expert guidance and resources. She explained the importance of early career planning and how the Office of Graduate Affairs and Career Advice would be a valuable ally on the path to their success.
Dr. Maria Valentin, a proud graduate of the UAG School of Medicine, became the inspiring soul during the orientation for new medical students. With enthusiasm and passion, she shared her experiences as a UAG student, encouraging them to face challenges with courage and determination. Dr. Valentin emphasized the importance of maintaining a focus on constant learning and empathy towards patients. She encouraged aspiring physicians to cultivate a collaborative mindset and provide care with compassion and respect. The presence of Dr. Valentín was a powerful reminder of how the path of medicine can be rewarding and transformative, inspiring everyone present to strive for excellence and to create a healthier world.
The National Immigration Service and the North American Consulate were present to answer questions and offer their services to students, adding that administrative collaborators and UAG faculty would be present to support them throughout their educational journey to become a doctor.

Orientation 2023 continued with the presentation of a video that showcased the history of UAG. The following day, UAG welcomed new students to their white coat ceremony and gave them their first white coat, symbolizing their commitment to the medical profession and their start as doctors in training.

The ceremony took place in the Patio de Cristal located at the UAG International Campus, where the students took the traditional Hippocratic Oath, another symbol of medical work, in which they vowed to conduct themselves ethically in their profession.

Dr. Kashif Ahmad presided over the white coat ceremony, warmly welcoming the new students to one of the most important medicine programs outside the United States and Puerto Rico. To date, this program has produced more than 72,000 doctors worldwide, with more than 19,000 of them practicing in the United States and Puerto Rico.

"The white coats you are wearing today are unique, as they symbolize your entry into the noble profession of medicine," he added.
To cap off the week-long event, UAG students took part in a Welcome Picnic which was held at the Softball Stadium located on the grounds of the UAG Main Campus. Students were joined by family and friends for a day of fun-filled activities, food, prizes, and entertainment.

Present at the Welcome Picnic were more than a dozen student associations and special interest groups. Among those present were interest groups from Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Dermatology, as well as the American Medical Women's Association and the American Medical Student Association, to name a few. These associations and special interest groups provide a forum for students to discuss matters relevant to their field of specialty, such as medical education, licensing, and practice.

UAG School of Medicine is truly excited to witness the enthusiasm of the incoming class of 2027 as they embark on their exciting journey. These week-long events were thoughtfully designed to prepare and support new students in their pursuit of becoming skilled and compassionate doctors.
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