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With a rating of 5 stars on the QS Ranking, UAG reaffirms the high quality of its educational program.
With a rating of 5 stars on the QS Ranking, UAG reaffirms the high quality of its educational program.According to UAG President Antonio Leaño, the 5-star QS Rating awarded by international evaluato...
By: Ruben Quiroz

With a rating of 5 stars on the QS Ranking, UAG reaffirms the high quality of its educational program.

According to UAG President Antonio Leaño, the 5-star QS Rating awarded by international evaluator Quacquarelli Symonds confirms that the university is on track in fulfilling its mission of promoting well-being and progress in society (QS).

To date, only two other Mexican universities have received 5-star ratings, and UAG is Latin America"s only 5-star university. The 5-star rating considers everything from teaching to student diversity.


“A 5-star rating is an honor for this institution, but it also comes with a commitment to uphold and advance in all areas of academic quality” according to the President.

"It is an honor to receive this recognition on behalf of our community, I receive it on behalf of each and every one of you", President Leaño thanked the school"s students, teachers, and collaborators for their contributions.

There is no better way to describe this accomplishment than to say, "This is a triumph built on hard work, determination, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence that has always defined our university"

ASU"s recent partnership with Cintana Education, he continued, has been extremely beneficial to the student body.

Additionally, President Leaño expressed his gratitude to all of the QS members who took the time to evaluate the institution.

The Regional Director of QS for Latin America, Juan Carlos Mejía Cuartas, commended UAG for taking part in the evaluation of QS and comparing its performance to global benchmarks.

According to Mr. Mejía, "Excellence begins when a university decides to measure itself with global standards," which means it is willing to step outside of its comfort zone and be better.


Few Latin American universities, he added, have received a 5-star rating, a testament to the UAG"s superior educational standing.

He described the results as "truly surprising and atypical" for an institution in Latin America.


As a result of worldwide collaboration, Mejía Cuartas emphasized the importance of the UAG"s partnership with CINTANA.

More than 600 universities from around the world have also been evaluated by QS, he said.

Also in attendance was Douglas Becker, Chairman and Founder of CINTANA, who stressed the importance of external college evaluations in affirming colleges" strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

I encourage them to continue this external evaluation of academic quality and its systems because we are very proud of the institution," he said.

Finally, he offered his congratulations to the entire UAG team on their success.

A high level of educational attainment.

Dr. Hugo de la Rosa, UAG’s Academic Vice President, stated that the institution places a high value on academic excellence.

Since its founding, the university has prioritized academic quality, ensuring that students receive an excellent education and providing services that improve the user"s overall university experience.


He cited the alliance with CINTANA and ASU as evidence of this, noting that it allows UAG students to coexist with those from other universities around the world and share their experiences.

In the words of Dr. De la Rosa, these alliances push the UAG to continually improve.

Additionally, he stated that in the near future, they plan to offer Bachelor"s degrees that combine credits from the UAG and ASU.

He went on to say that accreditations at the national and international levels are an important feature of the various UAG programs.

He even asserted that 85% of UAG students pursue degrees in recognized fields. In addition, the Federation of Private Mexican Institutions of Higher Education accredited this institution last year (FIMPES).

According to the Academic Vice President, CINTANA and ASU"s support helped the UAG achieve a 5-star rating in the QS Rating and promote continuous improvement.

“We would not be receiving this recognition if it were not for the members of our community," he said. “This award belongs to all of you, so thank you and best of luck in the future," he said.

Students, faculty, and distinguished guests gathered for a formal presentation of the UAG"s QS 5-star rating by university officials and academics.

A celebration took place on the CTI"s esplanade after the ceremony.

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