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Congratulations to Dr. Nnamdi Orakpo!
Dr. Nnamdi Orakpo, MD, PhD is a UAG Graduate currently completing his Psychiatry residency and an incoming sleep medicine fellow.
By: UAG School of Medicine

Congratulations to Dr. Nnamdi Orakpo, MD, PhD on publishing his article “Does Virtual Reality Feedback at Infra-Low Frequency Improve Centralized Pain With Comorbid Insomnia While Mitigating Risks for Sedative Use Disorder?: A Case Report”

Dr. Nnamdi Orakpo, MD, PhD is a UAG Graduate currently completing his Psychiatry residency and an incoming sleep medicine fellow.

“This case highlights the interdependent relationship between chronic pain and sleep, and it is to be hoped that VR-NFB at infra-low frequency may reverse moderate-severe insomnia associated with chronic pain in some generality. This treatment modality may be useful in preemptively mitigating the risks for benzodiazepine use disorder and, quite possibly, other substance use disorders as well.”

His article examines the impact of virtual reality neurofeedback and its implications in relieving insomnia with comorbid centralized pain. The import of VR neurofeedback at infra-low frequency is that it may relieve moderate to severe insomnia with centralized pain, while allowing a patient to be less dependent on benzodiazepines and other controlled substances.

Read the rest of his article here!

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