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Foreign Medical Students Welcomed at UAG
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara extends a warm welcome to foreign medical students, promoting a diverse and inclusive environment.
By: UAG School of Medicine
Young individuals from the United States and Puerto Rico became part of the recognized International Medicine Program offered by the UAG.

The well-known International Medicine Program at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara welcomed new students from all over the country and Puerto Rico.

In a welcome ceremony held at the recently opened International Campus of UAG, the now-students were accompanied by members of their families and greeted by the UAG authorities.

During the ceremony, the students learned about the services, study plans, cultural and sports programs, and additional activities in which they can participate as part of the student community of UAG.

Mr. Juan Carlos Leano Reyes, Administrative Vice Chancellor of the UAG, extended a warm welcome to the students and reassured them that the institution is committed to the education and training of students with values throughout its extensive history, and the International Medicine Program is no exception.

“Now they are part of this institution that, throughout its history, has trained more than 18,000 doctors from the United States and Puerto Rico. Welcome to this your new home and your profession, a demanding activity, but full of great satisfaction”,

Tips to Prepare in Medicine

On the same occasion, the Dean of the UAG School of Medicine, Dr. Christopher A. Reeder, addressed the students and provided them with seven career-enhancing suggestions to make a successful career.  

"These, from my perspective, will help you carry out your training as doctors more easily," he said.


Learn how to study. We are all different and finding our way of learning, with patience and new methods is a way to achieve success in our studies.

Do not compare yourself with others. A common mistake is to compare yourself with others and their success, remember that each person is unique, learns, and goes at a different pace, be patient and find your moment.

Seek support and advice. Always remember that you have teachers and peers who can support you in your studies, feelings, and other personal and professional matters.
Don't just dedicate yourself to studying. Not everything is studying, one way to cope with the study load and stress is to exercise, practice discipline, and do other activities that distract you.

Don't be afraid to seek psychological help. Pressure and stress sometimes require us to discuss our problems with an expert; balancing life between work, family and friends also require the help of a specialist.

Embrace professionalism. Be kind and humble to yourself and others.

Use supplementary support to learn and study. Read articles, complement what you learn, and get to know other sources, this will contribute to your life and profession.

“These will be the most demanding four years of your life. Put all your effort into the classes and knowledge that we give you and you will come out being a good doctor”, said Dr. Christopher A. Reeder.
After these remarks, orientation continued with authorities and professors discussing how UAG has modified its programs to be student-centered and based on world-class preparation.

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