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Medical Student Research Day 2022

Research Day is a twice-yearly forum for all medical students at UAG School of Medicine to discuss their findings through the publications of abstracts and oral poster sessions.
By: UAG School of Medicine
Research Day is a twice-yearly forum for all medical students at UAG School of Medicine to discuss their findings through the publications of abstracts and oral poster sessions.

The event was held on Friday, October 21st with two distinguished plenary speakers; Hugo Guerrero-Cazares, MD, Ph.D. from Mayo Clinic and Hector Barajas- Martinez Ph.D. from Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, an independent, nonprofit biomedical research center located in suburban Philadelphia, U.S., on the campus of Lankenau Medical Center.

After the plenary sessions were over, they were followed by poster sessions, where students presented their findings.

This event was held as the result of the Research Methods Course with the purpose of increasing public awareness of the value of medical research for advancement in all areas of medicine in the medical field.

Additionally, this event allows students to add to their resumes when applying to top-notch residency programs in the near future. 

A total of 24 research projects were exhibited in front of faculty, staff, and colleagues.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the event. We would like to announce the top three winners for the Fall 2022 Research Day event for the following research projects:  

First Place
A Comparison of the Hallmark Features of the 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak with Previous Outbreaks

  • Jamille Cornelius Serrano
  • Angelica Mercado Mejias
  • Adriana Áviles Ramos
  • Hiralis Saéz Melendéz
  •  Giovanni Hernández

Second Place
Systematic Review of Vitamins C, D, and E Supplements in Prospective Studies for the Chemoprevention of Breast Cancer​

  • Melanie M. Vega Rivera
  • Lourdes M. Quintana Acevedo
  • Margell M. Vega Padilla

Third Place
Risk of Depression Caused by Vitamin D Deficiency in US Children Since COVID-19 Lockdown

  • Claudia Maria Lopez Robles
  • Jesenia Velez Ovalles
  • Keyra Nohelli Villegas Diaz
  • Pablo Jose
  • Colon Garcia
  • Wendeline Marie Figueroa Hernandez
  • Alondra J. Cortes Estrada

CRISPR is a Superior Intervention Method for Huntington’s Disease Compared to ASOs

  • Melissa Becerra Rodríguez
  • Laura Leticia Espinosa Hurtado
  • Ying Zhou
  • Kenneth Hughes
  • Ruby Garcia
  • Priscilla García

Dapagliflozin and Epoetin Alfa/Beta Pharmaceutical Treatments Improving Outcomes of Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Complications of Iron-Deficiency Anemia Induced by Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Marc A. Solis
  • Nicole I. Santoni Feliciano
  • Roxana J. Rodríguez
  • Rubén E. Reyes
  • Ruth SARAI Victoriano
  • Sean Monroe

Ventilatory Support Benchmarks in Patients’ ARDS for the Best Outcome

  • Frida Gabriela Cuellar Contreras
  • Tamara E. Nieves Román
  • Gilmarie Nieves Lasalle
  • Raúl Lopez Gónzalez
  • Christian Andrés Angulo Rodríguez
  • Luis Manuel Chico Quijano

Alterations in Coagulation Factors in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy for Leukemia

  • Rubén E. Rodríguez Rivera
  • Dilan A. Esparra Rodríguez
  • Luis E. Sanchez
  • SANTOS Oscar San Antonio
  • Mehdi Tolou

SARS – COV-2 as a Cause of Acute Onset of Hepatitis on Pediatric Patients

  • Yeidaliz Barreto Cruz
  • Gretherl N. Cartagena Santana
  • Sofía Qintero Argentin
  • Jesús Gilberto Rascon

The Role of Cannabis in Anti- Inflammatory and Pain Caused in Chemotherapy

  • Marvely Salcido Santillan
  • Juckilyn Tellez
  • Jesus Ramos
  • Rochelle Forrester
  • Vincent Manuel Bey Rodríguez
  • Matthew Marrero Respeto

The Effects of CBD over THC in Patients with a Genetic Predisposition to Developing Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review 

  • Niren A. Valdesuso Loubriel
  • Ayesisha Mangual Gonzalez
  • Yelitza Serrano Morales
  • Wilmarie Santiago Mercado
  • Coral L. Siracrusa Acevedo
  • Sadeysha L. Concepcíon Santiago

Prevalence of Impostor Syndrome and the Possible Association with Motivation Among Medical Students: Cross Sectional Study

  • Natalia M. Acosta Nazario
  • Ivan Alvarez Colon
  • Alexandra Alvarez Perez
  • Julian A. Fernandez Rivera
  • Christopher G. Ortiz Morales
  • Kiven W. Ramos Vega

Efficacy of Adalimumab with NB -UVB Adjuvant Therapy Versus Adalimumab Monotherapy in Moderate-Severe Plaque Psoriasis: A systematic review

  • Sofia Isabel Frau Rivera
  • Catherine Del Carmen Golderos Trujillo
  • Zoé Noemi Guzmán Pérez
  • Déborah Marie Ríos Rodríguez
  • Fabiola Alejandra Viera Rodríguez

Do Oral Contraceptives Deserve a Second Chance? Review of Infertility Risk After Uterine Artery Embolism in the Treatment of Uterine Fibroids in Women of Childbearing Age

  • Paola G. Vega Labrador
  • Tabatha Padilla Padilla
  • Adriana Z. Rosa Delgado ‘Paola K. Negrón Diaz
  • Luz N. Bultrón Reyes
  • Gabriel E. Torres Sepúlveda

An Up-to-Date Review on the Fetotoxic Effects of Acrylamide During Pregnancy

  • Raedah Ali
  • Hernan See
  • Brandon Kavanaugh
  • Johann Davila Ortiz

Vitamin D Deficiency and its Complications in Type 2 Diabetes Focused on the Hispanic Population

  • Gilberto Robles Berrios
  • Elizabeth Treviño Ramos
  • Lyanne Castro Contreras
  • Jose Antonio Correa Alvarado
  • Adarilis Ramos Otaño
  • Karla Maria Rodríguez

Comparative Study for Early Detection of Breast Cancer using Multimodality Diagnostic Imaging

  • Ruben Junior Gomez
  • Carlos Ramos Roman
  • Yomara Torres Pagán
  • Shakira Ramirez Pagán
  • Laura Stacy Santos

Anti-Aging Gene Therapy

  • Camille Rivera Vega
  • Jeaivette Gutiérrez Rodríguez
  • Daniel Christopher Sanchez

A Comparison between HAND (HIV – Associated Neurocognitive Disorder) and Long COVID

  • Perla Irizarry Santiago
  • Javier Jacob Flores
  • Nabhya Moya Correa
  • Alexandra Álvarez Colón
  • Estefania Rivas Garcia

Effects of Alectinib in Nonsmoker Patients with Metastasized Non-Small Cell Lung Adenocarcinoma

  • Yahaciel Velazquez Marrero
  • Alberto Gonzalez
  • Christian J. Rodríguez Rivera
  • Kevin J. Melendez Santiago
  • Manuel Ponce Ramos
  • Juan Gabriel De La Paz Rodríguez

The Increasing Rates of Cosmetic Abdominal Plastic Surgery and its Effect on Bowel Obstruction

  • Ashley N. Garcia Romero
  • Luis M. Fuentes Ruiz
  • Alanna G. Pagán Garcia
  • Desiree Leon Berrios
  • Jo Elix A. Ortiz Meléndez
  • David Sánchez Negrete

Conformational Change in the PrPC Protein: Promoted Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

  • Astrid C. Sandoval Colon
  • Christian Vanscoy Cruz
  • Delynet Cajigas Rivera
  • Hillary Rosa Kuilan
  • Mia V. Robles Vega
  • Esteban G. J. Vargas Batlle

A New Pharmacological Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease Using Aducanumab; A Systematic Review

  • Aleida Marquez
  • Ashley Perez
  • Nairashley Perez Rodríguez
  • Keudes R. Roldán Rodríguez
  • Kristina C. Cruz Nieves
  • Yonelie Gonzalez Torres

Ocular ultrasound for the diagnosis of intracranial pressure in the emergency setting

  • Alejandro Recio
  • Frank Yelir Mendiola
  • Alejandra Guerrero
  • Alfonso Alejandro Gonzalez
  • Alejandro Ortiz

A Literature Review on the Adverse Effects of the Use of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Kevin Gilberto Mercado Portillo
  • Stephany Suarez Ayuso
  • Victoria Castro Madriz
  • Joyce M. Torres Cortes
  • Sagian Gamino
  • Jose Angel Barahona
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