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More than 150 students from the United States and Puerto Rico completed their medical studies and celebrated their graduation from the UAG School of Medicine.
By: UAG School of Medicine

A new generation of aspiring physicians have successfully completed their studies at the UAG School of Medicine.  They celebrated this achievement with a graduation ceremony held in the courtyard of the school’s International Campus in Guadalajara, Mexico. 
The commencement speaker for this year’s graduation was Dr. George Fahed, a UAG School of Medicine graduate.  In his message to the graduating class, Dr. Fahed told graduates that in order to become better doctors, they should strive to achieve a state of being good human beings—both with themselves and with others.  He emphasized the importance of learning to listen, staying in touch with their humanity, and understanding nature.  Dr. Fahed also noted that it is not just about studying and excelling in knowledge but also about not forgetting what it means to be human. 
Later in the graduation ceremony, Dr. Kashif Ahmad, Dean of the UAG School of Medicine, took the floor to express his gratitude to the graduates and their families for choosing the institution as their home.  He assured them that UAG would always be their home and invited them to keep in touch to share their achievements.  Dr. Ahmad also pointed out that UAG is Mexico’s oldest private university, boasting 88 years of experience in delivering value-based education.  Throughout that time, over 140,000 accomplished graduates have emerged from its classrooms, comprising 19,000 international medical graduates and 75,000 domestic medical graduates. 

The ceremony proceeded with the presentation of diplomas to the graduates, confirming the successful completion of their studies.  Subsequently, the newly minted doctors took the Hippocratic Oath, which was administered by Academic Director,
Dr. Miranda Robledo Amezcua

The graduation ceremony culminated with a speech from Dr. Yorelisse Nicolle Colon Maldonado, who represented her fellow graduates.  Dr. Maldonado conveyed her joy for this significant achievement, which marks one of the greatest milestones in her life.  She noted that the journey to becoming a doctor presented a challenging path that required sacrifice and hard work, and now she and her fellow graduates would witness the fruition of all their efforts.  More than 150 students from the United States and Puerto Rico completed their medical studies and celebrated their graduation from the UAG School of Medicine. 
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