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Strengthening Bonds: UAG-SOM Team Reconnects with Alumni in Chicago
The UAG School of Medicine team reconnected with alumni Dr. Gary Forcier and Dr. Brenda Perez for an event at Insight Hospital in Chicago.
By: UAG School of Medicine

In a heartwarming reunion, the UAG School of Medicine team recently had the privilege of connecting with UAGSOM alumni residing in the vibrant city of Chicago. This special occasion took place at the Student Information Session, held at the prestigious Insight Hospital, and it was a testament to the enduring ties that bind the UAG School of Medicine community together.

At this gathering, two remarkable UAGSOM graduates,
Dr. Gary Forcier and Dr. Brenda Perez, took the stage to share their valuable insights and experiences with their alma mater. Dr. Forcier, a distinguished 1980 graduate, and Dr. Perez provided unique perspectives on their journeys at the UAG School of Medicine. Their talks were not only enlightening but also served as a source of inspiration for prospective students.
One common thread that ran through both of their narratives was the profound transformation they had witnessed at the UAG School of Medicine over the years. They commended the institution for its relentless dedication to academic excellence and the unwavering support provided by the administration, which has been instrumental in helping students achieve their dreams of becoming physicians. It was evident that the UAG School of Medicine has continued to evolve, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of medical education.

Dean Dr. Kashif Ahmad was present to greet and felicitate the esteemed alumni. As he handed them mementos as tokens of appreciation, Dr. Ahmad emphasized the vital role that UAG alumni play in strengthening the institution's global network. He stressed the importance of ongoing engagement to foster meaningful relationships between the alumni and the school.

During their conversations with Dr. Ahmad, the alumni shared their fondest memories of their time in Guadalajara, reminiscing about the picturesque campus and the camaraderie among their peers. Dr. Gary Forcier, who is now retired, was delighted to share photographs of his days in Guadalajara with Dr. Kashif Ahmad, invoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

Scarlett Thomas, the Alumni Relations Coordinator, expressed her delight at witnessing these alumni connections flourish. She revealed that the Alumni Association has ambitious plans to expand and deepen the bonds with UAG alumni, aiming to create a robust network that fosters engagement and outreach.

The significance of these alumni connections cannot be overstated. UAG has proudly graduated a staggering 72,000 physicians, with an impressive 19,000 of them currently practicing medicine in the United States. These statistics underscore the impact of UAG-SOM on the healthcare landscape, and the continuous support and collaboration of UAG alumni are pivotal in furthering the institution's mission.

The recent gathering in Chicago was more than just an event; it was a heartwarming reunion that exemplified the enduring spirit of the UAG community. As UAG School of Medicine continues to evolve and produce exceptional healthcare professionals, the support and engagement of its alumni will remain invaluable in shaping the future of medical education and practice. The bonds forged at this event are a testament to the enduring legacy of the UAG School of Medicine and its commitment to excellence in medical education.


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