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UAG Delegation Shines at 2023 NRMP Conference: Fostering Success in Medical Residency Transition
Representatives from the UAG School of Medicine highlighted the challenges graduates face when transitioning to residency programs at the 2023 NRMP Conference.
By: UAG School of Medicine

In a remarkable display of expertise and dedication, a delegation from the UAG School of Medicine (UAG) made waves at the prestigious 2023 NRMP (National Resident Matching Program) Transition to Residency Conference. This esteemed event, held to enhance the preparedness of medical graduates for their residency journey, witnessed the participation of three prominent figures from UAG's medical education team. Dr. Ricardo del Castillo Lupio, Associate Dean of Medical Education and Clinical Affairs, Roxanne Grant, Director of Graduate Affairs and Career Advising, and Dr. Carlos Murillo-Zepeda, a faculty member, collectively represented UAG and contributed significantly to the conference's success.
One standout achievement among the UAG delegation was the acceptance and presentation of Dr. Carlos Murillo-Zepeda's groundbreaking session proposal, titled 'Supporting International Medical Graduates in Their Transition to US Medical Residency.' This proposal, a testament to Dr. Murillo-Zepeda's extensive research and personal experiences, illuminates the intricate journey faced by international medical graduates (IMGs) as they transition into US medical residency programs.

Dr. Carlos Murillo-Zepeda's proposal offers invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs that IMGs encounter during this pivotal phase of their medical careers. As an IMG himself, Dr. Murillo-Zepeda's presentation resonated deeply with the audience, as it reflected not only his academic expertise but also his firsthand knowledge of the unique hurdles faced by IMGs.

The recognition and acceptance of Dr. Murillo-Zepeda's proposal at a premier event within the US medical residency sphere underscore its profound significance and the potential impact it holds. By addressing the specific needs of IMGs, this proposal aims to pave the way for a smoother transition process, ultimately benefiting both the medical professionals and the patients they serve.
In addition to Dr. Murillo Zepeda's commendable contribution, Dr. Ricardo del Castillo Lupio and Roxanne Grant played pivotal roles in representing UAG's commitment to excellence in medical education. Their presence at the conference emphasized UAG's dedication to ensuring that its graduates are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their medical careers.

The participation of UAG's delegation at the 2023 NRMP Transition to Residency Conference not only showcased their expertise but also highlighted the university's commitment to fostering the success of its medical graduates. As UAG continues to nurture and empower future healthcare leaders, its presence on such esteemed platforms serves as a testament to its dedication to providing world-class medical education.

The UAG community congratulates Dr. Carlos Murillo-Zepeda, Dr. Ricardo del Castillo Lupio, and Roxanne Grant on their outstanding contributions at the conference and looks forward to the continued success and impact of their work in supporting medical graduates as they embark on their residency journeys.
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