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UAG Medical Students Engage in Interprofessional Clinical Scenarios
UAG's 4th-semester medical students worked with nutrition students in clinical scenarios, focusing on patient care and teamwork in health education.
By: UAG School of Medicine
In a groundbreaking initiative to foster collaboration and holistic patient care, fourth-semester medical students at the UAG International School of Medicine recently embarked on a journey into interprofessional clinical scenarios, joining forces with nutrition students to tackle real-life healthcare challenges. This innovative approach sought to bridge the gap between medical and nutritional expertise, bringing about a transformative learning experience that enriched participants' understanding of patient-centered care.

Over the past week, these aspiring medical professionals took part in a series of immersive sessions that ventured beyond the confines of traditional medical education. Held within a hospital setting, these sessions encompassed two distinct cases, carefully curated to emulate real-world challenges. Working collaboratively as a team, the students were tasked with discharging a patient, requiring them to compose medical prescriptions and nutritional recommendations based on detailed medical files.

The carefully constructed environment resembled an on-call room, and participants lauded its realistic ambiance. Engaging in this exercise made them realize crucial concepts about selected topics, specifically celiac disease, and peptic ulcer disease. This dynamic experience proved to be a catalyst for introspection, prompting students to confront significant healthcare issues head-on.

The genesis of these interprofessional clinical scenarios was marked by collaborative efforts that began well before the hospital setting. Educational teams from both the medical and nutrition disciplines convened to select pertinent topics and devise authentic scenarios that would necessitate active involvement from both specialties. A crucial challenge surfaced during this collaborative process: ensuring that the clinical scenarios remained balanced, encompassing aspects that required the participation of experts from both fields, thus eliminating the prospect of one specialty simply "acting" instead of genuinely participating.

Dr. Vivar and Dr. Franco led the debriefing sessions, guiding students through an exploration of the symbiotic collaboration between these two distinct health disciplines. This endeavor magnified the importance of effective communication across various areas of expertise, fostering a comprehensive approach to patient care. In real-world healthcare settings, practitioners often field basic inquiries from patients regarding daily routines, dietary guidelines, medication usage, and symptoms to watch out for.

The outcomes of these interprofessional clinical scenarios were overwhelmingly positive, inspiring a sense of potential and a desire for further engagement among participating students. These encouraging results have emboldened the educational institution to continue integrating simulation-based training, thereby elevating patient safety from the onset of medical education.

As one participant, Juan Pablo Berlin Viniegra, a fourth-semester medical student, expressed, "Today, I have learned that it is incredibly beneficial for our patients when we, as doctors, consider professional advice from other health professionals. This experience has reinforced the importance of humility in seeking help when needed."

Christian Banda, another fourth-semester medical student, noted, "This experience mirrors real-life situations, highlighting the indispensable role of teamwork and communication in developing effective treatment plans."

Karla Andrade de Oliveira, a fellow participant, observed the professionalism and respect demonstrated by the doctor and the nutritionist, highlighting their willingness to listen to each other's concerns and collaborate for the patient's well-being.
Ana Gabriela Barrera, yet another participant, summed up the sentiment by saying, "I truly appreciated and enjoyed this class, which focused on nutrition—a vital aspect of our health. It also underscored the invaluable nature of teamwork across different medical disciplines."

In an age where collaboration and interdisciplinary care are becoming increasingly paramount in the healthcare landscape, UAG International School of Medicine's initiative stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to nurturing well-rounded medical professionals who recognize the power of collective expertise in shaping patient outcomes.


UAG International School of Medicine Launches Interprofessional Education (IPE) Series
This transformative journey into interprofessional clinical scenarios was ushered in by the UAG International School of Medicine's launch of the inaugural Interprofessional Education (IPE) Series. With the pioneering session laying the cornerstone of this groundbreaking endeavor, the institution took a monumental step toward equipping future medical professionals with the skills and insights necessary for collaborative healthcare.

Noted by the Dean of UAG School of Medicine, Dr. Kashif Ahmad, underlined the pivotal role of Interprofessional Education (IPE) in medical institutions. Dr. Ahmad expressed his enthusiasm for witnessing this transformative initiative within the UAG School of Medicine, applauding the institution's dedication to filling curricular gaps and embracing progressive educational transformation. He extended his gratitude to Dr. Alejandra Franco and Dr. Rodrigo Vivar for spearheading this paradigm-shifting initiative that promises to redefine medical education.

The launch of the IPE Series by the UAG International School of Medicine serves as an emblem of progress, echoing the institution's unwavering commitment to shaping proficient medical professionals who appreciate the potency of collaborative expertise in molding patient outcomes.


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