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A Memorable Journey in Family Medicine: FMIG’s Triumphs and Recognition at the AAFP National Conference
Last weekend, the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) attended a captivating keynote by "America's Family Doctor" and received a prestigious recognition.
By: UAG School of Medicine
Thursday, July 27: The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) team experienced an unforgettable day as they came together to attend a keynote speech by the esteemed Dr. Jean Claude, affectionately known as "America's Family Doctor." The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation as they eagerly awaited the insights of this renowned figure in family medicine. From the moment Dr. Jean Claude began speaking, a profound sense of empathy and connection enveloped the room, creating an unforgettable experience for the FMIG team.

During the keynote, Dr. Jean Claude shared his wealth of experience and wisdom, emphasizing the significance of forging genuine connections with patients. The team felt deeply motivated and reminded of their unwavering love for family medicine – a field that revolves around the heart and the profound relationships they create with those under their care.

As the event concluded, the team gathered to savor the moment over a shared meal. They took the opportunity to reminisce about the special moments that had shaped their journey in family medicine thus far.
The camaraderie among the team members fostered a sense of belonging and a shared mission to continue making a difference in the lives of their patients.

The FMIG team eagerly looked forward to the promising workshops and speakers ahead, who would share their experiences and insights to enhance their professional development in the USA.

Friday, July 28: On this day, the FMIG's dedication and hard work in promoting family medicine were celebrated at a breakfast event organized by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). The FMIG of UAG  received the prestigious "Overall Award," an acknowledgment of their outstanding contributions to the field.

Carmen Mares, the president of the FMIG and in her 3rd year, graciously accepted the award on behalf of the team. The moment was filled with pride and jubilation as they were recognized alongside other FMIG members present. The post-event group photos captured the joy and satisfaction on the faces of the 4th-year members, graduates, and advisors. It was an occasion of shared success and appreciation for the efforts invested in advancing family medicine.
Saturday, July 29: Saturday marked the final day of the conference, offering the FMIG team their last opportunities to participate in workshops and attend enlightening conferences. The workshops focused on mastering simple procedural techniques and understanding the use of ultrasounds in medical practice.
The pinnacle of the day was reached at the "Summit of Leaders," where the FMIG team was honored once again. They proudly stood as the "last UAG standing," representing their institution with distinction. The team received special recognition and Ernie was appointed as the AAFP FMIG Network National Coordinator, a prestigious position that further exemplified their commitment to family medicine.

The FMIG team's journey in family medicine has been one of empathy, connection, and recognition. This is the 2nd consecutive year in which the award is given to the FMIG of UAG. The acknowledgment and accolades they received during the event further validated their dedication to making a difference in the realm of family medicine. As they move forward, the FMIG team remains united, eager to continue their pursuit of excellence, armed with the knowledge that their genuine care and compassion can truly transform the lives of their patients.
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