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Celebrating the Graduation of a New Generation of International Medicine Program Doctors at UAG School of Medicine
UAG School of Medicine celebrates the graduation of a new generation of international medicine program doctors. Join us in their success story. 
By: UAG School of Medicine
A new generation of students from the International Medicine Program (PIM) at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine (UAG) have completed their studies and are now doctors who will return to practice in their respective countries, primarily in the United States and Puerto Rico.
During the graduation ceremony, Dr. Kashif Ahmad, Dean of the UAG School of Medicine, delivered a message to the new doctors,

"You are not only graduates of this prestigious university, class of 2023; you are eternal members of the UAG community because you embraced our ideals of quality, compassion, and dedication to the art and science of Medicine from the moment you set foot on this campus."

He further urged the graduates to carry the torch of perseverance, embrace change with enthusiasm, and use the future as a blank canvas to create their extraordinary legacy. He stated, "Let us work together to achieve the success of our patients, communities, and the world."

On the other hand, Dr. Alexander Sabre, the generation's sponsor, expressed his gratitude to his now godchildren for choosing him, which he considers an honor.

"This field, like a vocation, is a profession, and it is equally important for you to take time for self-care and enjoy your families, your children, and whatever your future journey entails," he said in his speech.

"Make time to live, don't forget about your children's events, anniversaries, or even taking vacations. Organize your life to find ways to relax and remember that the sacrifice you make for work is the same sacrifice for your family.
Never forget that!" He added that they should be compassionate towards others, enjoy empathy, practice with love and loyalty to the profession, and provide care to people at the most vulnerable moments of their lives, as they are not just attending to patients, but to someone's parent, sibling, children, or spouse.

Next, Dr. Kyle Satoshi, now a doctor, thanked the UAG School of Medicine for the opportunity to make her dream come true and that of her classmates. She took the opportunity to congratulate them on this great achievement and encouraged them not to forget the lessons they have learned.
"This day marks the culmination of years of hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance, and I am proud to have shared this journey with all of you," she affirmed.
Finally, the diplomas were awarded, and then Dr. Miranda Robledo Amezcua, UAG Academic Director, administered the Hippocratic Oath to the new doctors.

Throughout its 88-year history, UAG has educated over 140,000 successful graduates who have transformed the world, some of whom have completed the International Medicine Program.
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