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Dr Deleon’s Success Advice in Medicine
By: UAG School of Medicine
In a presentation at the UAG School of Medicine, Dr. Dereck DeLeon, the esteemed Chief Academic Officer at Nuvance Health, shared invaluable insights on professional excellence in the medical field. The event, hosted by Dr. Ricardo Del Castillo, Associate Dean of Medical Education and Clinical Affairs, and with closing remarks by Dr. Kashif Ahmad, Dean of UAG School of Medicine, marked a significant milestone in the academic calendar. Attended by a captivated audience of students, along with block directors and professors, the session delved into the critical importance of professionalism in the journey toward a successful medical career.
Titled "
Tips for Success: Pearls from a Chief Academic Officer to Help You Stand Out," Dr. DeLeon's presentation highlighted the multifaceted nature of professionalism and its role in shaping an individual's trajectory in the medical field. Drawing upon his extensive experience and expertise, Dr. DeLeon elucidated on the nuances that distinguish a proficient medical professional from the rest, emphasizing the significance of cultivating a strong ethical compass, effective communication skills, and a genuine commitment to patient well-being.
"We must not underestimate the impact of professionalism in our daily practice,"
Dr. DeLeon emphasized, as he underlined the pivotal role of empathy and compassion in patient care. Stressing the importance of maintaining a balance between clinical expertise and humanistic values, he provided the audience with practical strategies to integrate these qualities into their professional ethos.

The Q&A session that followed the presentation was an engaging discourse, where students had the opportunity to seek further guidance from Dr. DeLeon. Eager to address their queries, Dr. DeLeon provided personalized insights and shared anecdotes from his own journey, inspiring the next generation of medical professionals to uphold the highest standards of integrity and excellence.

The post-presentation interactions were equally enriching, as students availed themselves of the chance to engage in one-on-one discussions with Dr. DeLeon, exploring various facets of their medical education. The event served as a testament to the significance of mentorship and the power of shared knowledge in fostering the growth and development of aspiring medical professionals.
Reflecting on the event, Dr. DeLeon expressed his optimism about the bright future that awaits the enthusiastic cohort of UAG School of Medicine. "It is heartening to witness the enthusiasm and dedication of these young minds," he remarked. "Their commitment to cultivating professionalism and excellence in their medical practice is truly commendable."
As the event concluded on a high note, the attendees departed with renewed inspiration and a deeper understanding of the crucial role that professionalism plays in their journey toward becoming proficient and compassionate medical practitioners. Dr. DeLeon's profound insights continue to resonate, serving as guiding beacons for those embarking on the noble path of healing and service.
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