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Dr. Kashif Ahmad: Leading the Way at UAG International School of Medicine
Under Dr. Kashif Ahmad's leadership, UAG's International School of Medicine ushers in a new era of medical education as it welcomes the class of 2027.
By: UAG School of Medicine
As the UAG International School of Medicine welcomed the newest class of 2027, the atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation. The White Coat Ceremony, a symbolic rite of passage for medical students, took on a special significance this year as it marked the first time under the leadership of Dr. Kashif Ahmad, the esteemed Dean of the school. Dr. Ahmad's dedication to medical education and his passion for fostering a nurturing learning environment have earned him respect and admiration from both students and faculty alike.

The Remarkable Background of Dr. Kashif Ahmad
Growing up as the eldest among four siblings, Dr. Kashif Ahmad's childhood revolved around three fundamental elements: school, homework, and family. Raised in Abu Dhabi, he fondly recalls a secure environment where his parents played a vital role in their lives, and family held utmost significance.

At the age of 18, Ahmad embarked on a new chapter, leaving his childhood home to pursue a medical degree in Pakistan. After five years of rigorous study, he sought to gain real-life experiences, which led him to enroll in a master's program in London. This period became a transformative phase in his life, as he embraced the diversity of cultures, discovered new perspectives, and found a different path to education.

With a diverse range of experiences under his belt, Dr. Kashif Ahmad has held esteemed positions in both academic and administrative capacities at renowned medical institutions. These experiences have significantly influenced his vision for medical education, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive curriculum that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on training. This approach reflects his commitment to nurturing well-rounded medical professionals ready to face the challenges of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.
Assuming the Role of Dean
In June of 2023, Dr. Kashif Ahmad. took on the role of Dean at the UAG International School of Medicine. His appointment was met with enthusiasm, as he brought with him a wealth of knowledge and an innovative approach to medical education. In the short time since assuming the deanship, Dr. Ahmad's impact has been profound, garnering admiration from students, faculty, and colleagues alike. With his visionary guidance and unwavering dedication to advancing medical education, he continues to shape the future of healthcare professionals at the UAG International School of Medicine, leaving an indelible legacy for generations to come.
The White Coat Ceremony 
The White Coat Ceremony is a significant event in the life of a medical student. It symbolizes the students' entry into the medical profession and their commitment to upholding the highest standards of patient care and ethical conduct. Under Dr. Ahmad's guidance, the ceremony was elevated to an inspiring and heartfelt occasion.

Addressing the newest class of 2027, Dr. Kashif Ahmad delivered a motivating speech, emphasizing the profound impact of donning the white coat. "As you proudly wear your white coat, you hold the power to save lives and offer the best possible care to your patients," he passionately expressed. "Remember, you're not just going to be physicians; you will be advocates of care, representing the hopes and aspirations of those you serve."

In his heartfelt address, Dr. Ahmad emphasized the collective spirit of unity and support within the institution. "We are in this together," he assured the aspiring healthcare professionals. "Throughout your journey, we will stand beside you, helping to educate and reminding you of the challenges ahead. We aim to empower you to overcome obstacles and achieve all milestones, both in your academic pursuits and in your personal growth as compassionate caregivers."

During the ceremony, Dr. Ahmad took the time to personally greet and congratulate each student as they donned their white coats for the first time. This gesture of individual attention demonstrated his commitment to understanding and supporting the aspirations of every student in the program.
Dr. Kashif Ahmad's tenure as the Dean of the UAG International School of Medicine has brought a breath of fresh air to the institution. His compassionate leadership style, combined with his extensive medical expertise, has revitalized the academic community and strengthened the bond between faculty and students. As the class of 2027 embarks on their journey toward becoming healthcare professionals, they can rest assured that they are under the guidance of a leader who is truly dedicated to their success and the advancement of medical education.
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