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Foreign students begin classes at UAG School of Medicine
With a traditional welcome  at “Orientation Day 2021-01” foreign students from the United States and Puerto Rico initiated classes in the International Medical program of the Universidad Autono...
By: Ruben Quiroz
With a traditional welcome  at “Orientation Day 2021-01” foreign students from the United States and Puerto Rico initiated classes in the International Medical program of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG)- this event took place virtually. The General Vice Rector of the UAG, Lic. Antonio Leano del Castillo, in representation of  UAG Rector Antonio Leano Reyes, imparted a welcome message to the attendees. Herein, he congratulated them for their decision to study at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.
Choosing a career in healthcare is one of the most high of callings for an individual and needs great recognition.  Especially if you are reaching for a high academic level in a country that is not your own. It is one of the most demanding careers but at the same time one of the most rewarding. He indicated that the UAG and its School of Medicine are prepared to offer all of the services, attention and quality of education that has made the UAG internationally renowned.  Lic Leano del Castillo invited the new students to enjoy and to take advantage of their preparation at the UAG where they will be able to learn a new language that will be of great benefit in the future. While doing so, they will be able to experience a great culture, and live in a magnificent city which provides all they will require to reach their goal of becoming a physician. The Director of the International Program of Medicine, Ricardo del Castillo Ruano, also gave the students a welcome.  He reiterated that the academic professors and other collaborators of the UAG are there to assist them with the necessary support in order for them to reach their objectives. “We have adapted to the current situation and I can assure you that, just like we have done for the past 85 years, you will receive the best quality of education.  The University will also provide outstanding resources to you so that you can use them for your benefit in becoming outstanding physicians.” He indicated that the students will be provided with all the advantages to communicate easily with their professors, coordinators, directors and himself, if necessary.  This is to ensure that they will receive the proper assistance to help them resolve any doubts or problems related to their education. Following his comments, Dr. Ana Meza Ontiveros, Coordinator for the Second Year of the International Medical Program, spoke on the Curriculum of the UAG School of Medicine and their profession. Similarly, Dr. Maria Guadalupe Zavala, Coordinator for the First Year of the International Medial Program, spoke on the Fundamentals of Medicine I.  She described the intricacies of the First Year of the Curriculum to the incoming class. Additionally, the incoming students were advised of the processes, webinars, platforms, study equipment and activities provided by the UAG. Attendees were also provided with information on the 85 years of educational history of the UAG.  Moments that have been filled with proud accomplishments resulting in successful graduates practicing in Mexico and worldwide.
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