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UAG Alumni Omar Mahfouz, MD, named Physician of the Year by Abrazo Scottsdale Hospital
By: UAG School of Medicine
It is with immense pride and excitement that we announce Dr. Omar Mahfouz as physician of the year by Abrazo Scottsdale Hospital. This prestigious recognition not only acknowledges his outstanding medical expertise but also celebrates his remarkable journey, deeply intertwined with our community and hospital.

Dr. Mahfouz's connection to our community runs deep, having attended Paradise Valley High School just across the street from our hospital. His journey into the world of healthcare began right here where he worked as a phlebotomist gaining valuable, hands-on experience and laying the foundation for his future career and medicine.

Throughout this journey, Dr. Mahfouz has remained profoundly loyal to our community and hospital. His commitment to serving the healthcare needs of our community is unwavering, and his dedication to our hospital's mission and values is truly commendable.
Known for his positive attitude, unwavering, dedication, and genuine compassion, Dr. Mahfouz is a respected member of both our employee and medical staff communities. His colleagues describe him as a pleasure to work with, embodying professionalism, kindness, and a strong commitment to patient care.

Dr. Mahfouz’s loyalty to our community hospital is reflected not only in his exceptional medical practice but also in his genuine concern for the well-being of others. He has become an integral part of our hospital family, contributing to our collective efforts to provide the highest quality of care for patients.

As we celebrate Dr. Mahfouz as physician of the year, we also celebrate the values of bodies of the impact he has had on our hospital and community. His journey from a local high school student to respected a physician serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the potential for greatness that lies within each of us.

On behalf of the entire hospital community, we extend our heart full. Congratulations to Dr. Omar Mahfouz on his well-deserved recognition. Your loyalty, dedication, and positive spirit uplift us all, and we are honored to have you as a member of our team.

Please see below for comments submitted on behalf of Dr. Mahfouz:

“My votes goes to Dr. Mahfouz. Always a great help on the night shift. Always with a smile.

“I nominate Dr. Mahfouz, Omar; he responds quickly whenever you need him. Always makes rounds at night and makes sure if anybody needs anything.”

“I am nominating Dr. Omar Mahfouz for physician of the year. Dr. Mahfouz has been an active mentor to medical staff at all levels, through on the spot lectures about patient conditions, demonstration, invasive therapies, or giving direct support on the floor.”
“He is kind, considerate, efficient, always helping a nurses out at all levels like drawing a patient’s blood or helping start IVs.”

“He always answers the nurses calls and addresses concerns. He is a great teacher always tried to get us to see the whole picture.”

“He has a terrific bedside manner, and his patients really look up to him, trust him.”

“He has a huge heart and loves the small community hospital that we are. He is always driving to make us better and appreciates everyone he works with.”

“He has high standards and doesn’t cut corners. He is moral family man who just happens to be a fantastic doctor, and he belongs to us.”

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