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Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG) received the distinction of Socially Responsible Company (ESR) by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy

Social responsibility is in the DNA of the university, said the Rector, Lic. Antonio Leaño Reyes.
By: UAG School of Medicine
Upon receiving the ESR 2022 distinction, the Rector Lic. Antonio Leaño Reyes affirmed that this recognition reflects the challenging work conducted by UAG to have a better society.
He said that it is a challenging path with great projects, actions to be conducted, and reiterated the commitment to continue working for collaborators' health, the well-being of the underserved, and the planet, which will result in a better country.

“The challenge continues; We will continue on the path of social responsibility because the commitment to society has always been engraved in the University," said the Rector, Lic. Antonio Leaño Reyes.

“The challenge continues; We will continue on the path of social responsibility because the commitment to society has always been engraved in the University," said the Rector, Lic. Antonio Leaño Reyes.

The ESR 2022 award ceremony was held in the “Dr. Luis Garibay Gutiérrez” auditorium, in the presence of the Rector, Lic. Antonio Leaño Reyes; the General Vice Rector, Lic. Antonio Leaño Del Castillo; Lic. Geraldina Herrera Vega, President of the Expo Guadalajara Foundation; and Laura Rochín Mosqueda, director of the same institution.

The Expo Guadalajara Foundation is an ally and representative of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, A.C. in Jalisco, and Colima. Laura Rochin, Director of the Expo Guadalajara Foundation, outlined the objectives of the ESR distinction and the successful results reported by the companies. Jalisco, in particular, was the state with the highest number of socially responsible companies. 

The ESR label is only available to organizations and businesses who meet the following criteria:

1. They provide an excellent quality of life within the company to its employees.
2. They have good business ethics.
3. They promote links within the community.
4. They encourage care and preservation of the environment.
Lic. Herrera Vega then spoke of the origin, growth, and indisputable success of the Expo Guadalajara site and the Foundation, which is approaching its 15th anniversary. Afterward, the president of the Expo Guadalajara Foundation recalled that she is a proud graduate of the UAG.


The General Vice Recto, Lic. Antonio Leaño Del Castillo, commented that in 2019, nearing the 85th anniversary of UAG, an external reference was sought that identify whether the social responsibility developed throughout these years, as part of the identity and daily operational life of the institution, produced real benefits for the progress of society. That is where he found himself at, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy in Jalisco.
Today, upon receiving the ESR distinction for the third time, a rating of 84% was obtained in the items evaluated, above the general average of other participating companies. Likewise, an outstanding compliance of 95.7% was obtained in the section on environmental policies and 90.38% in the section on research, technological development, and innovation.
Lic. Leaño Del Castillo noted some of UAG's philanthropic efforts, such as the cooperation with the Diocesan Food Bank of Guadalajara to aid hundreds of families through monthly pantry deliveries. In addition, university collaborators were invited to participate in this endeavor.
Likewise, an agreement was signed with Braskem Idesa to conduct the Plastianguis program for the first time in Jalisco, which aims to invite citizens to donate plastics, thus promoting awareness of the proper management, separation, and final destination of their plastic waste.
Also, UAG collaborates with Bosque Urbano de Extra, an association dedicated to preserving the environment in Guadalajara through its reforestation program in the Bosque Centinela.

Through this program, UAG promotes the care of natural resources and the construction and development of what has been called "UAG Forest" among its students of different educational levels.
The Vice-Chancellor General said that with this distinction, “We are assuring our suppliers, clients, students and community that we respect our guiding principles of transformation with values; we are demonstrating that we serve and have deep human values”.
He finally expressed, "Being socially responsible is not just a goal or recognition, it must be an incentive that motivates us to deliver the best version of ourselves."
This institution achieved the ESR Distinction for the first time in 2020. To gain this recognition, institutions must develop and improve processes, present the progress in the corresponding indicators, and conduct new activities that add to its social responsibility actions.
In this way, UAG has endorsed its commitment throughout its 87 years with social responsibility, which is part of the training model for young students to achieve comprehensive development both professionally and personally.

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