Noticias y eventos
UAG School of Medicine to Host Premed Advisors Summit: Let’s Make Doctors 2024
Dr. Aristides Colón Peña’s Keynote Address at the UAG Premed Advisors Summit: Let’s Make Doctors 2024
UAG Med Student Takes Center Stage at World Congress 2024
UAG Alumni Chad Kingsley Officially Becomes District Health Officer in Washoe County
Surgical practice joins Stony Brook Medicine physician network
Lazaro Cherem, MD, the Experienced Nephrologist with a Multifaceted Approach
UAG School of Medicine Welcomes Dr. Daniel A Llano as a Visiting Professor
Graduates from the UAG Alumni Puerto Rico Chapter visit the UAG
Celebrating Success: UAG School of Medicine IMGs Match on Match Day 2024

UAG Alumni Sheva Khalafbeigi, MD, a Dermatopathologist with Inform Diagnostic
Dr. Deborah Arús’ Impact on Puerto Rican Healthcare
Students at the UAG School of Medicine raised awareness about rare diseases
LEGACY: Sibling Edition - Barsoum Legacy
Jorge A. Serna, MD, PA-C, a Certified Physician Assistant with Clinica Medica Teocali Inc.
More than 150 students from the United States and Puerto Rico completed their medical studies and celebrated their graduation from the UAG School of Medicine.
Students from the United States and Puerto Rico embark on their medical training at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine
Dr. Gregorio Antonio Cortes-Maisonet, UAG Alumni from the International Program, and six exceptional graduates honored by Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
UAG celebrated Dr. Gregorio Cortés Maisonet and six outstanding graduates from its international program for their exceptional achievements.
UAG Alumni Dr. Jose L. Cruz Melendez: A Distinguished Pediatrician Nurturing Health in Puerto Rico
Explore Dr. Jose L. Cruz Melendez's journey from UAG student to a distinguished pediatrician nurturing health in Puerto Rico.
Next Gen Inspiration: UAG’s Koziel and Berliner
UAG Alumni PR Chapter’s Fourth Meeting and Dinner: A Night of Reunion and Celebration
The UAG Alumni PR Chapter's Fourth Meeting and Dinner was a night of reunion and celebration, showcasing the enduring spirit of the UAG community.
Reviving Pediatric Emergency Care: Gogo Pediatric Institute’s Exciting Comeback in Ponce
The Gogo Pediatric Institute in Ponce is set to make an exciting comeback, reviving pediatric emergency care in the region.
Dr Deleon’s Success Advice in Medicine
Dr. Neil Berliner: A Multifaceted Journey from Psychiatry to Comedy
Explore Dr. Neil Berliner's journey from a student at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine to a distinguished psychiatrist and comedian.
Dr Gregory Marra: Excellence Beacon at UAG
UAG Lets Make Doctors Conference
Dive into the exploration of excellence and culture at the 'Let's Make Doctors' conference hosted by Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine.

Dr. Julie Ann Harrigan: A Journey of Excellence from UAG to Healthcare Leadership
Explore Dr. Julie Ann Harrigan's journey from a UAG student to a distinguished family physician and healthcare administrator.
UAG Delegation Shines at 2023 NRMP Conference: Fostering Success in Medical Residency Transition
Representatives from the UAG School of Medicine highlighted the challenges graduates face when transitioning to residency programs at the 2023 NRMP Conference.
Dr Vega III Remarkable Journey from UAG to Medicine
UAG School of Medicine Celebrates Dr. Marianne LaBarbera’s Remarkable Achievements
UAG alumni Dr. Marianne LaBarbera will be honored for her exceptional contributions to the field of medicine at the RUMC gala in New York.
Meet Our UAG Alumni: Dr. Colin Sanner’s Journey in Neurology
Explore Dr. Colin Sanner's journey from a student at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine to an accomplished neurologist.
Dr Trabals’ Healthcare Milestone at UAG
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is thrilled to welcome the newest addition to their healthcare team, UAG Alumni Dr. Robert Schatz
UAG alumni Dr. Robert Schatz has joined the cardiology department at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, providing full-time outpatient cardiac care to patients.
Strengthening Bonds: UAG-SOM Team Reconnects with Alumni in Chicago
The UAG School of Medicine team reconnected with alumni Dr. Gary Forcier and Dr. Brenda Perez for an event at Insight Hospital in Chicago.
UAG Students Shine on Global Stage at ESRA 2023, Paris

Dr Rodriguez Sosa Returns to Laredo
ACP Student Member Noel’s Journey: Empowering Future Physicians and Promoting Internal Medicine
Follow the journey of Noel, a future physician and active member of the ACP Council of Student Members.
Life-Saving Lung Procedure: Patient Gratitude
Meet Gladys Laroche, MD, FAAP: A Dedicated Pediatrician at NYC
Dr. Laroche's commitment to advancing child health through her affiliations and extensive training exemplifies her excellence in the field of pediatrics.
UAG Medical Students Engage in Interprofessional Clinical Scenarios
UAG's 4th-semester medical students worked with nutrition students in clinical scenarios, focusing on patient care and teamwork in health education.
Dr. John Bragan: A Distinguished UAG Alumni and Accomplished Emergency Physician in Texas
Dr. John F. Bragan, a standout UAG School of Medicine alumnus, has carved a distinguished career in emergency medicine, marked by expertise and excellence.
Dr. Kashif Ahmad: Leading the Way at UAG International School of Medicine
Under Dr. Kashif Ahmad's leadership, UAG's International School of Medicine ushers in a new era of medical education as it welcomes the class of 2027.
Victor Salcedo: A Compassionate Pulmonologist and UAG School of Medicine Alumni
Meet Victor Salcedo, an esteemed UAG School of Medicine alumnus, making a significant impact on healthcare in Texas.
UAG Inaugurates Innovative Laboratories for the Development of Medical Devices
UAG launches advanced Medical Device Labs with the Government of Jalisco and Biomedical Engineering Cluster, fostering biomedical innovation.

Get to know Dr. Valentin, a Distinguished Alumni of the UAG School of Medicine and Guest Speaker for the Class of 2027
Dr. María de los Ángeles Valentín Mari, a graduate of the UAG School of Medicine, was the first in her family to choose this profession.  
UAG Welcomes a New Generation of International Medical Students
The Orientation ceremony was held at the UAG International Campus facilities. 
Salvatore J. Dellacona, MD, FACEP: UAG Alumni and Emergency Physician in Private Practice
Meet UAG School of Medicine alumni, Dr. Salvatore J. Dellacona, an established emergency physician in private practice.
Jessica Baik: UAG Alumni Graduates alongside 10 Accomplished Peers from MVHS
Eleven doctors recently graduated from the St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency Program.
Dr. Alexander Sabre: Distinguished UAG Graduate and Accomplished Obstetrician in Arizona
The UAG graduate currently stands out as one of the best in his field in Phoenix, Arizona, and his great passion sets him apart.
Celebrating Back-to-Back Victories: UAG School of Medicine Congratulates FMIG on Winning the AAFP Program of Excellence Award
Introducing Dr. Luis A. Barranco Santana, MD: Anesthesiologist at Dulces Sueños, LLC within Hospital Metropolitano Dr. Pila
Discover the Expertise of Dr. Luis A Barranco Santana, an Anesthesiologist Serving Patients in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Dr. González Vega fulfills a dream by returning to San Salvador representing Puerto Rico
The sports medicine specialist makes her debut in those realms in the same place where she swam and won medals for Puerto Rico in 2002.
Celebrating the Graduation of a New Generation of International Medicine Program Doctors at UAG School of Medicine
UAG School of Medicine celebrates the graduation of a new generation of international medicine program doctors. Join us in their success story. 
Interview with Donald Lefeber: Exploring His Experience at the Academic Consortium
Dedicated student Donald Lefeber presented his groundbreaking research and engaged with leaders in the field at the recent groundbreaking event hosted by the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health and the Society for Acupuncture Research International Research Conference.
Montville Township BOE Member Dr. Karen Cortellino Elected President of the New Jersey School Boards Association
Dr. Karen Cortellino has been elected president of the NJ School Boards Association, pledging top-notch education for every child in New Jersey's schools.
Students from the UAG School of Medicine Showcase Research Findings

Students from the UAG School of Medicine presented their research findings during UAG-Research Day, to bolster scientific research in the medical profession.

Dr. Robert A. Graebe: A Journey of Medical Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Explore Dr. Graebe's impressive journey in obstetrics and gynecology as he shares his achievements in medical education and contributions to the field.
EliteCare Welcomes New Doctor, Francisco Hernandez Mendez, MD.
Introducing Francisco Hernandez Mendez, M.D., a bilingual Family Medicine physician, now practicing at EliteCare Health Centers in Homosassa.
Her parents needed a Spanish-speaking doctor. She’s becoming one to break down health care barriers.

Melissa Rodríguez Mendoza, originally interested in fashion, was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare after accompanying her Spanish-speaking parents to medical appointments and becoming their interpreter.

Groundbreaking Study from Centro Médico Episcopal San Lucas Published in World’s Most Important Medical Journal

The article reports on a study conducted by the Centro Médico Episcopal San Lucas, in collaboration with Dr. Jorge Martinez Trabal, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showcasing a minimally invasive procedure to treat patients with peripheral arterial disease, resulting in a 76% success rate in saving limbs from amputation.

Insights from an UAG Alumni: A Conversation with Nnamdi Orakpo, Recognized by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Dr. Nnamdi Orakpo, a distinguished sleep medicine physician and UAG alumni, shares his expertise and insights on sleep health in an interview with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Dr. Jorge Martnez Trabal: The Puerto Rican Vascular Surgeon Revolutionizing Blood Clot Treatment with the Hybrid Venous Thrombectomy Procedure

Dr. Jorge Martnez Trabal, a UAG graduate and a well-known vascular surgeon in Puerto Rico.

Advancing Critical Care: Meet Dr. Christopher Burdick, MD, an Intensivist and Neurocritical Care Physician with Texas IPS - Intensivist, Pulmonary-Sleep Medicine
Get to know Intensivist & Neurocritical Care Physician Dr. Christopher Burdick, who serves patients in San Antonio, Texas.
Get to Know Dr. Jaime R. Gierbolini, MD, a Trailblazing Neurologist with BayCare Medical Group Primary Care

Get to know Neurologist Dr. Jaime R. Gierbolini, who serves patients in Riverview, Florida.

The Accomplished Oncologist, Dr. Julio A. Peguero: Director of Research at Oncology Consultants and Affiliated with Top Houston Hospitals
Dr. Peguero is an accomplished oncologist currently serving as the Director of Research at Oncology Consultants. 
Meet UAG Alumni Dr. Anthony Perella: Critical Care/Intensivist at Rockledge Regional Medical Center
Dr. Perella is a critical care/intensivist in the intensive care unit at Rockledge Regional Medical Center. 
Dr. Nestor Gerardo Astorga: Specialist in Internal Medicine Practicing in Weslaco, Texas
Meet Nestor Gerardo Astorga, an internal medicine practicing in Welasco, Texas!
UAG Medical Students Joao Paulo Bounassar Filho, Laura Boeckler Troncoso, and Jocelyne Cajigas Gonzalez Proudly Present their Published Research on Oncolytic Effects of SARS-CoV-2
Congratulations to  UAG students Joao Paulo Bounassar Filho, Laura Boeckler Troncoso, and Jocelyne Cajigas Gonzalez on their published research! 
UAG Recognizes the Career of Dr. José Monsiváis, an Outstanding Graduate, in the Field of Medicine

The Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG) awards this recognition to graduates who have excelled in their professional, humanitarian, and educational work.

Dr. Jorge Martínez Trabal receives the “Lic. Antonio Leaño Álvarez del Castillo” Award

The Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG) awards this recognition to graduates who have excelled in their professional, humanitarian, and educational work.

UAG School of Medicine Graduates the Class of 2022

A generation of students from the United States and Puerto Rico finished their studies at the UAG International Medicine Program.

Foreign Medical Students Welcomed at UAG
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara extends a warm welcome to foreign medical students, promoting a diverse and inclusive environment.
Dr. James T. D’Olimpio: From Boston to Guadalajara and Back Again
During my time in Guadalajara in the 70s, I learned a new language and had the opportunity to experience a new culture while having an incredible time.
Meet UAG Alumni, Angel Luis Soto, MD, a General Practitioner with Wellness Alliance

Dr. Angel Luis Soto is a general practitioner serving patients in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. 
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine Welcomes the Class of 2026
On January 9th,  UAG welcomed new students to the UAG International Medical Program, where they were bestowed their first white coat, a symbol of their commitment to the medical field.
Meet UAG Alumni, Paul Dionisopoulos, MD, an Emergency Physician from Rhode Island

 Dr. Dionisopoulos is an emergency physician whose main focus at present is addiction medicine. 
Management of Patients with Acute Stroke Workshop directed by Dr. Alvarez, Head of Neurology Department

Last week, Dr. Alvarez, Head of Neurology directed a workshop with SIGN, the Student Interest Group of Neurology. 
Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine International Program receives the Accreditation plaque from the Mexican Council for the Accreditation of Medical Education (COMAEM).
The commemorative  COMAEM plaque was unveiled in the presence of authorities, professors, and collaborators.
Clinica Sierra Vista appoints UAG alumni as permanent CEO
Kern's largest chain of community health clinics has promoted its former chief medical officer to become permanent CEO, seven months after the nonprofit named her to the job on an interim basis.
Valley Medical Group Welcomes Chair of Primary and Urgent Care Services and Medical Director of Quality, UAG Alumni Ivannette Juarbe-Ramos, MD

Valley Health System is pleased to announce the appointment of Ivannette Juarbe-Ramos, MD, as Chair of Primary and Urgent Care Services and Medical Director of Quality for Valley Medical Group. 
UAG School of Medicine welcomes its new dean of Medical Education, Dr. Kashif Ahmad.

UAG School of Medicine is excited to welcome its new dean of Medical Education, Dr. Kashif Ahmad. He will begin on November 1, 2022.

Medical Student Research Day 2022

Research Day is a twice-yearly forum for all medical students at UAG School of Medicine to discuss their findings through the publications of abstracts and oral poster sessions.
Meet UAG Alumni Kiri P. Brandy, MD, a General Surgeon with St. Lawrence Surgery

Learn about General Surgeon Dr. Kiri P. Brandy, who serves patients throughout the State of New York.


UAG School of Medicine Partners Up with the National Board of Medical Examiners
UAG’S partnership with NBME implements the assessment tools to measure students’ readiness at different levels.
UAG Alumni Michelle LaRue believes the right to good health should not depend on a person’s income
She studied biology at Pennsylvania State University and medicine at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and interned for a year in New York.
UAG School of Medicine Professor Dr. Carla Romero Jaramillo invited to XLIX Annual Congress of the Mexican Congress of the Mexican College of Critical Medicine
During the week of October 10 to the 14th, Dr. Jaramillo gave lectures on several topics related to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).  
Meet Jose J. Monsivais, MD, FACS, an Orthopedic Surgeon with the Hand and Microsurgery Center of El Paso

Get to know Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jose J. Monsivais, who serves patients in El Paso, Texas.

Breast cancer: In Jalisco, 2 women are diagnosed daily
UAG's media hub discusses the alarming rate of daily breast cancer diagnosis in Jalisco. Stay informed and spread awareness with us.
UAG Alumni David M. Williams, MD is recognized by Continental Who’s Who

UAG alumni David M. Williams, MD, is being recognized by Continental Who's Who for his notable contributions to healthcare at Southside Medical Center.

UAG Students visit the elderly at the David Chapel Betances Center in Añasco
Third and fourth semester students visited the David Chapel Betances Senior Center in Añasco. 
Meet UAG Alumni Dr. Tamarah M. Manning!
Dr. Manning has over 38 years of experience in the OB/GYN field.
UAG Alumni settling in as Mohave County Health Director
He’s only been in his high-profile job for 60 days, but Dr. Chad Kingsley has kept up a hectic pace as Mohave County’s new director of public health.
Parkinson’s Society adds UAG Alumni to Board of Directors

Upstate Parkinson’s Society (UPS) has announced that Kathleen V. Woschkolup, M.D., has accepted a position on its board of directors as medical director and vice chair.

This UAG Alumni OBGYN helped deliver a baby as Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Puerto Rico!
'We, as women, take care of basically everything and everybody.'
ASU College of Health Solutions Welcomes 22 New Faculty Members
Decreased Mobility and Pain in Patients Inspire UAG Alumni Dr. Lionel Lazaro’s Business

The orthopedic surgeon seeks to improve the quality of life of patients in Puerto Rico with the latest advances in hip reconstruction treatments.

UAG Alumni Dr. Yaritza Arriaga-O’Neill joins Haute Beauty Network as an Emergency Medicine Expert Representing Davenport, FL.
Yaritza Arriaga-O'Neill, MD, FAAEM, is a highly skilled physician with a passion for delivering top-quality, personalized care.
Meet South Florida’s Medical Experts 2022: UAG Alumni Julián Abruña, MD
Dr. Julián Abruña is a primary care physician at FAU Medicine in Boca Raton.
Cardiac Merger: Dr. Fred Talarico to Head Up Cardiac Services at Mohawk Valley Health System
A well known Mohawk Valley Cardiologist is leaving private practice and merging with Mohawk Valley Health System.

Interview with Ofer "Avi" Werthaim, MD, an Old Bridge Primary Care Doctor Fluent in Three Languages

Ofer “Avi” Werthaim, M.D., embraces the belief that it’s better to take care of a small problem before it becomes a big one.


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